Big Block Tiered Seating Ottoman

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Fitted with velcro for easy attachment & detachment

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Set the stage for a fun and interactive learning experience. The Big Block forms the foundation of what could very well be a stage for learning, teaching and even class activities. Comfortable, bright and versatile, the Big Block is modular seating in its most basic and practical form.

Fitted with a glossy yet durable vinyl covering that’s easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

Alternate different colours between the base and top to create colourful and eye catching seating. The two blocks are fitted with velcro tabs that make stacking and unstacking easy.

Modular seating can be configured to create virtually any seating layout imaginable. Ottoman blocks such as this are made to be connected with its counterparts to create large seating banks or stages. For the best seating effect, connect the Big Block with the curved Big Top.

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Cetec
  • Australian Made

SIZE (Millimetres)

  • Base 310H x 1350W x 1350D
  • Top 310H x 1350W x 900D
  • Overall - 620h x 1350w x 1350d
  • Fitted with velcro for easy attachment & detachment
  • Use in conjunction with Big Top to create a variety of configurations
  • Smooth vinyl that's easy to clean & maintain
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  • E0
  • Cetec
  • Australian Made
  • 7 Year