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Outdoor Spaces

Create a dynamic and bustling atmosphere with outdoor spaces that encourage student socialisation and connection. Students need time outside to take a break from learning, recharge and feel rejuvenated when they return to the classroom.

Create Social Areas

We specialise in durable UV protective seating and outdoor furniture that's built to last.

We have bag racks, metal bench settings, steel bench settings - the perfect modern outdoor storage and seating solutions for schools.

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  1. Scout Adjustable Prep Chair
    Scout Adjustable Prep Chair
    Save $20
    From: $89.00
  2. Scout Arc Table
    Scout Arc Table
    Save $56
    From: $279.00
  3. Scout Wave Single
    Scout Wave Single
    Save $40
    From: $215.00
  4. Scout Wave Double Table
    Scout Wave Double Table
    Save $60
    From: $299.00
  5. Education Bag Rack
    Education Bag Rack
    Save $254
    From: $1,265.00
  6. Outdoor Bench - All Aluminium
    Outdoor Bench - All Aluminium
    From: $1,265.00
  7. Outdoor Bench - Hardwood
    Outdoor Bench - Hardwood
    From: $1,165.00
  8. Outdoor Bench - Primary
    Outdoor Bench - Primary
    From: $609.00
  9. Perform Outdoor Bench
    Perform Outdoor Bench
    Save $134
    From: $685.00
  10. Perform Outdoor Bench With Back
    Perform Outdoor Bench With Back
    Save $204
    From: $1,025.00
  11. Perform Outdoor Setting
    Perform Outdoor Setting
    Save $394
    From: $1,965.00

11 Items

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