GECA School Furniture

BFX has been a leading provider of superior quality furniture to schools, classrooms, and other educational and reading spaces in Australia for over 40 years. We believe in delivering high-quality, durable, and innovative furniture that is crafted to endure the heavy and rough usage of students every day.

Our robust school furniture withstands not only heavy quality checks but also crosses multiple stages of industry-specific research and development processes - before being delivered for end-use. We understand that educational areas require a lot more than sleek seating and storage - they require furniture that boasts functionality, versatility, and durability. So, we created a vast range of school, classroom, and educational furniture, which is spread across an array of desks, chairs, storage options, admin furniture, lounge furniture, workstations, as well as lecterns, trolleys, whiteboards, and other miscellaneous furniture for schools, classrooms, and other reading spaces.

BFX is a government prequalified supplier of school furniture, classroom furniture, and other educational furniture, which makes it incredibly easy and quick for us to cater to the needs of our customers.

Whether you are looking for student desks and chairs, teacher tables and chairs, library storage, manual arts bench with cupboards, IT room furniture and workstations, or admin furniture for schools - BFX has a huge range of options for every school furniture need. We cater to the needs of both indoor and outdoor school furniture and offer hardwood, aluminium, and high-quality thermoplastic school furniture that boasts high impact resistance.

After rigorous testing of each and every school furniture product, BFX claims that its products are built to last and facilitate both learning and teaching experiences for teachers and students Australia wide. 

Come, explore our unending collection of futuristic educational furniture at one of the many showrooms spread across Australia. We have a huge array of educational furniture at all our showrooms. Visit us at Brisbane school furniture showroom, Sydney showroom, Townsville showroom, Melbourne showroom, or Maroochydore furniture showroom to have a hands-on experience before buying.


Student Desks and Tables for Futuristic Learning

BFX is a leading supplier of innovative student desks and tables that facilitate future-focused learning. The advanced ergonomic designs enable students to thrive in modern learning environments where creativity, spontaneity, and visual thinking are stimulated continuously.

BFX is a proud provider of revolutionary SmarTable™ Student Tables that offer ease of use, movement, and adjustability - which makes them the "numero uno" of student desks and tables in Australia. They can be adjusted to 5 different heights with a push-button, moved around on their castors, or locked in place. Whiteboard tables are another hit for their easy to use, erase, and clean top that makes notes creation a breeze for students. Our Sit-Stand range encourages flexible learning by enabling students to work in both seated or upright positions. Explore your best options.


Comfortable Student Chairs for Enhanced Productivity

BFX specialises in uber comfortable student chairs that enhance productivity. Designed to offer utmost efficiency in the learning environment, our range of school chairs provide the comfort and resilience that students need in a seated position. As students lean back, our chairs extend support (along with minimal flexibility) and help maintain proper posture. Each chair features a 'lift or drag' handle for ease of movement. These high-grade thermoplastic chairs are light-weight, which makes it easier for students to stack or unstack them. Explore our vast range of classroom chairs, lab stools, computer chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans, modular seats with storage, collaborative booth seats, and school hall chairs, etc.


BFX offers smart school storage solutions that are space saviours and multipurpose. To facilitate future-focused learning processes offered at modern schools, we created a range of clever storage options that not only store writing equipment, art and craft supplies, and other educational sources but also serve as a seating or display unit. Our storage solutions are built to transform classrooms into highly functional study areas of the 21st century. These school storage units not only support the overall learning experience but also enhance it. Explore the revolutionary range of tote units, shelving options, cupboards, lockers, and bag racks, etc.   


Your school business needs an admin department that is oriented to growth. To enhance their efficiency at work, they deserve a setting that is energising and encourages productivity. BFX Admin Furniture for school businesses is available in a multitude of builds and designs to best suit their needs, as well as aesthetics of the school's admin department. Explore our range of workstations, chairs, desks, and lounge furniture that is built to last.


BFX offers a comprehensive range of school furniture and other educational furniture that is built to endure the rough usage of students every day. Our range of miscellaneous furniture for schools caters to all your needs for storage units, lecterns, whiteboards, screens, outdoor furniture for schools, noise reduction wall art, trolleys, manual arts furniture, etc. The range of school furniture at BFX has been designed to be multipurpose and space-saving. We also have classroom packages to help you set up learning environments that are aligned with future-focused teaching. Explore our school miscellaneous furniture to create fun yet impactful learning spaces.

School Furniture on Sale

Looking for the best deals and offers on school furniture and educational furniture online? BFX has many offers and discounts on furniture for schools, universities, kindergarten schools, libraries, and other educational and reading spaces. Find the best deals online on all types of educational furniture - some ready to quick-ship. Find the lowest prices on school furniture in Australia exclusively at BFX. Explore offers on school furniture and steal the best deals now!


Every educational business requires a proactive administration department. To enhance their productivity at work, give them a workplace that is multifunctional and energising. Explore our range of school office furniture, an innovative and stylish variety of admin furniture making every day at work exciting. 


Your school library requires elements that encourage focus. BFX understands your needs to create peaceful reading spaces that improve concentration. Our range of library furniture for schools, universities, and other educational areas helps create comfortable and focus-friendly reading environments. Incorporate our library furniture with noise reduction wall art to help them read and prosper in peace.  

Manual Arts

Are you looking for furniture to create a modern manual arts lab? BFX offers manual arts education furniture that prompts creativity, spontaneity, and innovation. We offer customised working and welding benches - both wooden and metal - to suit your needs perfectly. Most of our furniture units are multipurpose and provide storage solutions to keep their industrial resources, including tools, student's projects, safety equipment, metals, woods and plastics safe. Opt for specialised manual arts space planning and leave all your worries behind.


BFX STEM furniture can be your students' best companion in the 21st-century learning environment. BFX tables ensure that they get the comfort, mobility, and flexibility they deserve while tackling real-world issues in a practical way. Sturdy, versatile, and customisable, our STEM furniture is what their great minds need to thrive.


Create science labs and classrooms that encourage interaction, experimentation, and exploration with BFX furniture. Curated to facilitate scientific study, our furniture for science labs and classrooms will help create 21st-century learning spaces.  


The outdoor areas of your school require sturdy furniture that can withstand heavy usage and extreme weather conditions. BFX offers outdoor school furniture in a huge array of high-grade metal seating and storage options. Our outdoor furniture is built to endure heavy usage by students throughout the day, every day.

Music & Arts

Looking for furniture that tickles their creative and artsy side? BFX offers furniture for music and art rooms that your students will love. Our range of vibrant furniture for music and art rooms will encourage collaboration and innovation, helping your young creators to thrive.  

Halls & Theatre

Struggling to create an impactful hall or theatre in your school? BFX specialises in space planning that can take you a step closer to creating a powerful setting where ideas and imaginations don't have boundaries. BFX has a great collection of furniture that is perfect for your Hall or Theatre setup.


Your students need a healthcare space where they can feel at ease in case of a medical emergency. If you're looking for furniture for your school's healthcare area, BFX can be your one-stop destination. 


Educational spaces require areas for collaborative discussions. If you are planning to set up a meeting area, BFX has a huge collection of meeting room furniture to cater to all your needs.


Whether it is staff or students, training is a regular activity in a growth-oriented learning environment. To facilitate those training and learning processes, BFX has a vast collection of furniture for training setups.


Students need a break from learning every now and then to rejuvenate. Creating collaborative spaces will make their breaks more purposeful. BFX has got you covered with its vast range of educational furniture for collaborative spaces.


Schools are responsible for the overall well being of their students - physical, mental, and social. Help your students socialise more by creating spaces that help them thrive in each other's company. BFX educational furniture for social spaces is crafted to stand by you. 


Focus and concentration are not easy to achieve. Giving their racing minds the gift of focus will help them perform better. Explore our range of focus-friendly examination furniture and seating options for reading spaces.

Why Choose Us?

  • BFX is a government prequalified supplier of educational furniture
  • AFRDI & SGS tested furniture, quality and safety certified
  • 3D Space planning consultation available, on-site measurements
  • Proud supplier for both NSW & QLD Departments of Education
  • We promote healthy workspaces and good environmental choices
  • Heavy-duty, reliable furniture
  • Over 40 years of delivering furniture excellence Australia wide
  • Rapid and reliable customer support

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