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Dominating the industry of furniture suppliers and manufacturers since 1990, BFX is your one-stop solution to shop for office furniture.

We have hands-on experience of over 30 years, backed by industry experts and a dedicated team of professionals for market research.

We provide a great variety of furniture for your workspace to make it more operational and efficient. All our products are manufactured in compliance with proper industrial standards and practices.

Therefore, you'll always find legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI on all our products. These certifications are a mark for the superior quality of our products and the reliability of our service.

We also provide a unique range of courier express furniture that includes products such as mesh chairs, high-back chairs, ottomans, and mobile pedestals ready for quick shipping. As they’re express courier furniture, you can enjoy a faster delivery of these products.

Therefore, make sure that you browse through the collection at BFX showrooms or website.

The Difference

While shopping for furniture, you need to look at a lot of things to make sure that you make the best purchase decision.

In the case of office furniture, things such as ergonomics, flexibility, and durability of furniture determine its quality.

However, when you shop for furniture online, all you can do is scroll through the product pictures and read specifications. It won't allow you to gain complete insights over your required products.

Moreover, when you're purchasing something as big and valuable as office furniture, you'd never want to make a mistake.

Therefore, to make sure that you can thoroughly analyze your products and get a peace of mind with your purchase, we provide you with a completely new way to shop for your desired courier express furniture.

 If you own a business in Australia, we highly recommend you to pay a visit to our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired office furniture.

Our showrooms are located all over Australia in places such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and a lot more.

While shopping through our furniture showrooms, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. At our showrooms, we don't just showcase furniture with a price tag. Instead, we present it to you in an office-like environment.

Moreover, you can also get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants at our showrooms.

Our consultants will help you throughout your purchase. Furthermore, if you've ever been to a showroom before, you may already know how overwhelming it is to shop for a particular product from a plethora of variants available.

Therefore, to ensure that you make a decision quickly, we've categorized our showrooms in different themes of office décor.

When you shop for your desired office furniture through BFX, you can always enjoy a hassle-free and satisfying experience.

Shop for Courier Express Furniture

At BFX, we provide a highly versatile range of high back desk chairs for your office.

These chairs have a highly modern design that can easily blend in with the existing décor of your workspace. Moreover, they're incredibly reliable and supportive.

Designed with ergonomics, these chairs have a high back that provides adequate support to your core. They also have numerous comforts enhancing and adjustable elements to improve their functionality.

Additionally, these chairs are upholstered with the superior quality of the black fabric.

Furthermore, you can quickly relocate it from one place to another with the help of friction-less castors available in these chairs. They can be easily adjusted according to the user with the help of their height-adjustability feature. These chairs ensure that your employees never have to deal with back and neck pain.

Therefore, they're ideal for increasing the productivity of your employees.  On top of that, the armrests ensure that the user doesn't have to deal with undue pressure on their shoulders and neck.

We also provide top-notch quality mobile pedestals for all the under-desk storage requirements of your office. These pedestals are highly streamlined, and they make efficient use of the available space in your workspace.

These pedestals make sure that all your documents, files, and stationery supplies are kept safe and secure. Moreover, they have a very modern design that can spark up the look and feel of your office.

These pedestals are also equipped with castors to help you to move it around and drop wherever it's required quickly.

Furthermore, to protect your sensitive files and data, you can even lock these castors with the in-built locking mechanism.

They provide highly spacious compartments where you can store your files back to forth, left to right, or in any of your desired position.

They have one file and two pen drawers to fulfil all your basic storage needs. Additionally, they're available in both black and white colour as per your preference.

Apart from castors, our range of Courier Express office furniture also includes mesh back chairs with a wide array of features.

These chairs have well-ventilated back support that provides a breathable space to your back. With these chairs, you'll never have to deal with a sweaty and sticky back after long hours of work.

These chairs provide you with great comfort while having a constant flow of air. The seat is made with high-density of moulded foam to provide you with an extremely comfortable seating experience.

You can also choose to have or not to have height-adjustable armrests made with soft-touch propylene.

The height of these chairs can also be adjusted as per the preference of the user. Also, the angle of lumbar support can be adjusted as well.

There are also castors at the bottom to help you quickly relocate the chair from one place to another in your office.

If you're looking for a heavy-duty seating option for your office, the load rated office chairs at BFX are the perfect match for you.

Certified by SGS, these chairs provide you with a subtle design, ideal for people of all body times. They can easily bear a weight of up to 180 kg without any wear and tear.

That's why they're ideal for areas with high volume of traffic in your office. Along with excellent durability, these chairs also excel in terms of comfort. They have a mesh lumbar support that keeps your back ventilated with a constant flow of air.

Moreover, the seat is upholstered with a high-quality fabric and a horse-carriage design.

Overall, the chair is designed and engineered with ergonomics to promote good health and enhance productivity.

There are various other features such as seat slide adjustment, frictionless castors, and armrests to make these chairs even more functional.

Our collection of express courier furniture also includes round ottoman seating solutions.

 They're simply ideal for any type of work and learning environment. These seating solutions are proven to increase your concentration by allowing you to engage your core muscles while sitting on it.

Moreover, it also provides a better balance and a soft surface. They're a perfect match for the reception and waiting areas of your office. These ottomans are available in a great variety of colour to spark up the look and feel of your office.

Moreover, you can even opt for different patterns and upholsteries for your desired ottomans.

These ottomans are available in four different sizes to help you find the perfect ottoman as per your requirements. With their modern and minimal design, they can quickly increase the prestige of your workspace. Therefore, make sure that you check these out at BFX.

Customer Support

Online shopping provides you with the convenience to shop from your home and enjoy doorstep delivery of your required products.

However, there are a lot of people who don't consider it as a reliable way to shop for office furniture. Moreover, people also believe that they'll be disappointed upon the delivery or their ordered products. The lack of transparency and trust in online shopping has made a bad reputation for it.

However, there's a significant difference between BFX and shady online websites.

At BFX, we assure you a highly satisfactory and hassle-free experience with your purchase. Whether you have a query, complaint, or feedback, we have a dedicated team of customer support associates at your service. For all your concerns, you can feel free to get in touch with us.

Our team will actively respond to your queries and provide you with a timely solution to your problem.

If you're unsure about your furniture selection, you can ask our expert sales consultants to help you with your purchase. In addition to selection, our experts will also help you with additional services such as furniture placement and rubbish removal.

Furthermore, you can even enjoy various value-added services such as 3D space planning, on-site measurements, and after-sales support for absolutely free of cost. When you shop with BFX, you can always enjoy a fun and engaging experience. So, make sure that you check out our collection of express delivery furniture at BFX.

We assure you a convenient and hassle-free furniture shopping experience.


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