Hideaway Cafe Discrete Booth

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Wrap-around privacy wall to create an idyllic space for one

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The BFX Hideaway Range of learning and office booth furniture facilitates moments of focus when personal space is needed and provides perfect settings for collaboration, allowing students and workers to be their most productive.  Our range of Hideaway Booths includes Carrel Booths (Mono and Duo), Café Booths (Mono, Duo and Discrete), and a Phone Booth option.

The Hideaway Cafe offers seating booths in Mono and Duo Booth variations and a third design, the Café Discrete Booth, with a ‘wrap around’ feature to create an idyllic space for one. The Cafe Mono has been designed for users who require a peaceful space to help remove them from an energetic learning resource centre or open plan working environment.  While the Café Duo offers a comfortable booth seating backdrop for exchanging and sharing ideas.

Hideaway Booths are proudly Australian made in a range of AudioArt and custom board options which allows you to create a look that expresses your personal style. All booths are examined continuously during production, giving careful attention to every detail.

Hideaway Booths are lined with 9mm AudioArt sound-absorbing internal walls and an angled canopy roof.    We pride ourselves on providing AudioArt products made from eco-friendly and sustainable 55% recycled PET plastics.

Constructed with an E0 quality board to ensure the air quality in classrooms is safe and free from toxins, Hideaway Café Booths come in a wide range of board colours that are also easy to clean.  The upholstered midback lounges of each design can be customised in your choice of commercial grade vinyl or fabric, creating a quiet and reflective enclave separate from the more collaborative parts of today's busy learning areas. 

When it comes to modern work and educational settings, BFX manufacture custom furniture to meet your exact space and style requirements for students and employees to feel comfortable sharing and exchanging ideas.

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Australian Made

SIZE (Millimeters)
Discrete Booth - 2040h x 1200w x 730d / Tabletop 725h

External Carcass, Lounge base and Tabletop - available in a comprehensive range E0 quality made to order boards. Internal Walls and Canopy - offered in an engaging range of 9mm AudioArt board colour options. Mid Back Lounge – upholstered in Warwick Beachcomber fabrics or tailor-made to suit your individual needs and meet your specific budget – access 250+ finish choices. Contact your local BFX Sales Consultant to discuss options.

  • Furniture that facilitates moments of focus when personal space is needed and provides perfect settings for collaboration
  • Internal walls and canopy are easily pinnable surfaces
  • Constructed from E0 quality board (external carcass, lounge base and tabletop) and sound-absorbing 9mm ‘AudioArt’ (interior surfaces)
  • AudioArt products are made from eco-friendly and sustainable 55% recycled PET plastics
  • Helps minimise distractions and allows students and workers to stay on task
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  • E0
  • Australian Made
  • 7 Year