Breakout Area Office Booths

Office Booths provide a quiet getaway for the modern open plan office. Whether being used in a breakout space or as a private phonebooth in an open space, BFX has the Office Booth to suit your need.

Office Booths for Enhanced Productivity by BFX

For over 30 years, BFX has been one of the most prominent office furniture providers in Australia. We provide a great variety of booth seating for your workspace.

We always make sure that our furniture provides you with unparalleled quality. We don't just build furniture but assets that cope up with the changes in the corporate world.

Since 1980, we have been serving a great number of small, medium, and large businesses with our top-notch quality of furniture.

Throughout time, we've never failed to cope up with the expectations of our valued customers like you. We have a large number of well-established furniture showrooms and warehouses all over Australia.

You'll be able to find our furniture showrooms in places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. These showrooms and workstations provide us with a great competitive edge over all our competitors.

With such great coverage, we are capable of providing you with timely and highly convenient delivery for your desired office furniture.

Moreover, we also have ready-made pieces of furniture in our warehouses in case you need a specific product in bulk. To make sure that the quality of our furniture is best, we ensure that it is manufactured through appropriate industry standards and best practices.

Due to this, all our furniture collection has legal certifications such as AFRDI and GECA. Not to mention but these certifications are a mark of the par level reliability of our service and the top-most quality of our products. Therefore, make sure that you shop for your desired furniture through BFX.

Enjoy A New Shopping Experience

While shopping for booth seating in Australia, there are a lot of things that you need to look after to make sure that you make a better purchase decision. Moreover, when you are shopping for your desired furniture online, you cannot gain complete insights into your product.

All you can do is scroll through the pictures of your required furniture and read the specifications for the same. You'll miss out on various things such as design, actual colours, sturdiness, and workability of your desired piece of furniture. With that said, there is a high chance of making a bad purchase decision.

Apart from this, when you have a lot of products to choose from, it becomes an overwhelming task to shortlist a particular piece of furniture.

Therefore, to make sure that you make a better purchase decision, we provide you with a completely new and unique way to shop for your desired furniture from BFX. By this way, you don't just see the price tag of the furniture. Instead, you can gain physical access to the product and notice how it looks and feels in an actual workspace. With this, you can never make a bad purchase decision.

Therefore, if you are a business owner in Australia, we highly suggest you pay a visit to our workspace and shop for your required furniture.

Here, you can get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants who will help you throughout your purchase. Therefore, you can make a great purchase decision through our workstations.

Shop for Office Booths

When you opt-in for office booths by BFX, the very first thing that your employees will notice is the sense of privacy they receive through it. In particular, if your employees were used to working in an open space, it will make them feel very special and more authoritative.

Although you may feel that this privacy will encourage them to slack off from their work, studies have shown that the exact opposite of this behavior happens. In easy words, a private working space improves the job performance of your employees.

This happens because employees can work without anyone interfering in an office booth. Moreover, if your business involves work such as building a rapport or talking to a client over call, an office booth can allow your employees to talk confidently without the fear of anyone listening to their conversations.

The physical barrier and the soundproof nature of an office booth reduce the stress levels of your employees even when they are not making use of the privacy offered by it.

The Need for Office Booths

As you may already know, the most prominent benefit of an office booth is that it cuts out noise. Due to this, your employees can enjoy several benefits such as focusing more on their work. Moreover, as telephonic calls and conversations are an integral part of any office, many people doing it together can cause a lot of disturbance. Due to this, your employees won’t be able to focus on their own conversation.

Even if the noise distraction exists in the background, it can cause distress to your mental health. Even if you don't try to notice the noise, your subconscious mind actively notices it. Over the course of time, it results in an increase in the stress levels of your employees that can reduce their mental health.

Not only to mental health, but these subconscious distractions can also reduce the productivity of your employees. You may have noticed your employees taking a pause from their work, restart tasks, and lose their focus. This happens solely because of the disturbance created in the background. With the help of office booth seating by BFX, you can make their work area soundproof and eliminate all these problems.

It Provides More Control

When your employees work in an open office, they experience a lack of control. Due to this, they experience a psychological feeling of helplessness. They feel like there’s neither way to get away with the noise nor they can find a place for privacy and personal time.

When you purchase office booth furniture for your office by BFX, you can provide them with the control they deserve. Therefore, your employees won't feel any helplessness. This will greatly improve the productivity of your employees and make sure that they have greater job satisfaction.

It Improves Physical Health

Apart from mental health, booth seating office furniture by BFX also promotes better physical health of your employees. When talking about the open office, you may want to know that the flow of air is the same for all the employees. Due to this, if one employee falls ill, there is a chance that other employees will also catch the illness as well. Moreover, air conditioners make the problem even worse by spreading the air with germs all over the workplace.

By using office booths for your workspace, you can reduce the chance of spreading communicable illnesses in your office. From a different aspect, it will reduce the number of sick leaves that your employees ask for. Therefore, you can get more work done by just installing a privacy booth in your office.

Welcome Mobility and Privacy

When talking about privacy, you may argue that building separate cabins provide you with similar benefits like booth seating. However, there is a significant advantage that you get with the office booth, and that can never be provided when you make separate rooms or cabins.

Office booths provide you with an ease of assembly and disassembly. In simple terms, you won't have to deal with tools when you need to relocate them to a different area in your office. Moreover, you can even opt-in for mobile booth seating that provides you with an ease of movement with the help of frictionless tires. With office booths, privacy and mobility go hand in hand.

Customer Service

Shopping for your desired products allows you to enjoy a great convenience of getting your desired products from the comfort of your home. However, there are a lot of people who don't consider online shopping as a reliable way to get their desired products.

That's because online shopping lacks trust and transparency. People believe that they're helpless if there's any problem with their product.

Moreover, when you are purchasing something as big and valuable as office booths, you may always want to be on the safe side of the track. However, when you shop for your desired furniture through BFX, you don't even need to worry about transparency and support.

At BFX, we have a highly skilled team of customer service associates at your service. Therefore, whether you have any complaint, query, or just simple feedback, you can always contact our customer service associate to get help.

Our experts will actively listen to your problems and provide you with an appropriate solution for the same.

Furthermore, if you are having problems in selecting the appropriate furniture for your workspace, you can always count on our expert sales consultants.

Our consultants are actively available to visit your workspace and analyze the area. After that, they'll provide you with the most credible purchase guidance for your required product. On top of that, you'll also get additional services such as on-site measurements, 3D space planning, and after-sales support for free of cost.

Therefore, you can always enjoy a highly satisfactory purchase experience. Hence, make sure that you shop for your desired furniture from BFX, and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

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