AudioArt Big Clouds

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Two application options - Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick

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Ideal for use on ceilings or walls, the AudioArt Big Clouds Pack comes with four (4) tiles. Use them to create awe-inspiring designs to enhance the workplace or learning areas. AudioArt is lightweight, fire-resistance and made from 55% recycled PET plastic.

AudioArt Tiles are a series of shapes made from acoustically engineered sound-absorbing polyester fibreboard, which can be applied as a fun and functional decorative feature. By arranging tiles in repeated patterns without gaps or overlapping, shapes offer a greater level of flexibility and design options.

BFX AudioArt Tiles are available in two application types - Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick.  

AudioArt Tiles can also be manufactured to your exact specifications, size or shape, enabling you to create a unique and stunning feature, please contact your local BFX Sales Consultant to discuss your individual needs.

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Ideal for:

Pack of 4 Tiles
Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick application options (please specify)

Offered in a pack of 4 tiles in a single panel colour in a wide range of colours as shown.

  • Pack includes four (4) tiles in a single colour
  • Acoustically engineered to reduce noise
  • Two application types - Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick
  • Lightweight, fire resistant, and made from eco-friendly 55% recycled PET plastic
  • Super easy to install by just peeling the film on the back of the panel, and sticking it to most smooth surfaces (peel and stick backing adhesive included)
  • Pinnable tiles
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