E0 School Lounges

Our soft seating lounge solutions are constructed from high-density foam and can be upholstered in any of our fabrics ranges, vinyl and even melamine for two-in-one seating and storage.

A Lounge for Every Space


Lounge spaces will help aid in student's transition to modern work environments and give them a much-needed space to de-stress, study with friends or meet for casual group work.

Whether it's for student commons, school reception areas, staff rooms, libraries or Learning Resource Centres - we can help you find the perfect lounge for any space.


Why Not Create a Student Lounge Area?

A great feature at most Universities and TAFES are the addition of student learning commons. There are so many benefits of having a student lounge;

  • Students have somewhere to study
  • They can socialise
  • They have a place to relax and unwind
  • Students can also meet for group work


If you are thinking about incorporating a student common area in your school why not start with a high school lounge?

When choosing your lounges and visitor chairs for an education environment it's important to choose high-quality commercial grade fabrics to ensure they are able to withstand high traffic areas and heavy use.

BFX Furniture has an extensive range of single seat lounges, two-seater lounges, three seater lounges.

Browse our full range at your leisure.

When you’re ready to commit to fitting out our school with brand new education furniture, one of our expert Sales Consultants is ready to assist you from any of our locations across Australia including Brisbane, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and many more.


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  1. Pye Square Ottoman Set with Table
    Pye Square Ottoman Set with Table
    $785Price: $945Save: $160
  2. Showtime Curved Modular Ottoman
    Showtime Curved Modular Ottoman
    $995Price: $1195Save: $200
  3. Grassi Ottoman Setting
    Grassi Ottoman Setting
    $3456Price: $4162Save: $706
  4. Trino Lounge Chair
    Trino Lounge Chair
    $1475Price: $1775Save: $300
  5. Buzz Lounge Chair
    Buzz Lounge Chair
    $2319Price: $2789Save: $470
  6. Swish Triple Seater Lounge Chair
    Swish Triple Seater Lounge Chair
    $1965Price: $2359Save: $394
  7. Swish Out Curve Lounge Chair
    Swish Out Curve Lounge Chair
    $1329Price: $1599Save: $270
  8. Swish In Curve Lounge Chair
    Swish In Curve Lounge Chair
    $1329Price: $1599Save: $270
  9. Cruize Wave Bench Seat
    Cruize Wave Bench Seat
    $695Price: $835Save: $140
  10. Cirkus Mobile Lounge Chair
    Cirkus Mobile Lounge Chair
    $1509Price: $1815Save: $306

Items 1-24 of 60

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