Diplo Den Angled Reading Chair

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The Diplo Den Reading Chair allows for stories to be shared and enjoyed, developing literacy and listening skills. Books and readers can be stored or displayed on the fixed shelves at the rear of the chair. It allows for quiet individual student reading encouraging indepentent learning and Diplo Den stickers give the reading chair a sense of fun and adventure.

Available in two different sizes. The first, Diplo Den Straight (800mm width option) Reading Chair and the Diplo Den Angled (800/1190mm width option) Reading Chair, if you are wanting more seat room and additional shelf space at rear.  Both versions Reading Chair coming in static (no castors) or mobile (with castors) to suit your individual purposes. 

Diplo Den Reading Chairs encourages story telling which is a vital teaching tool that imparts inspiration and information that shapes student thinking.  They are a great addition to libraries and are sure to be favourite reading envirnoment for solo reading or story telling with a larger group.

Diplo Den Straight Reading Chair 800W x 920D x 450/1500H
Diplo Den Angled Reading Chair 800/1190W x 920D x 450/1500H

7 Years

Wide range of Made to Order board colours as shown
Upholstery in Beachcomber fabric range as shown

  • Upholstered reading chair straight or angled
  • 5 fixed rear shelves encouraging easy access for storage or book display and include self adhesive Audio Art Dino Scales
  • Static or mobile options available
  • Solo environment for a student to encourage discovery and independent learning
  • Group learning environment where students can share, engage and enjoy the outcomes of shared stories and discussion 
  • Storytelling both educates and entertains - student engagement will always be heightened in a fun, colourful environment.
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Perfect for Resource Centres and Classrooms

Diplo Den Curved and Straight Reading Chairs can be combined to create larger settings.

Unlock Student Imagination

A favourite reading chair for solo reading or story telling with a larger group. The seat is large enough for a teacher and student.

Product Features

AudioArt Dinosaur Scales

Helps absorb unwanted sound

Fun Dinosaur Theme

Engages and unlocks imagination

High Density Foam Seat

Perfect for long term comfort

With or without castors

Choose the option that best suits

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