Eco/Sit Strata 4 Point Chair


Eco/Sit Strata 4 Point Chair

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The Eco/Sit Strata 4 Point Chair is designed to be conveniently stacked and stored in classrooms. Lightweight and easy to move around, the Eco/Strata 4 Point Chair is sturdy with a solid black steel frame.

The simple stream-lined frame ensures quick stacking with other chairs. The seat is constructed from high quality recycled Polypropylene, a lightweight thermoplastic with a high impact resistance that is easy to clean.

Perfect for science classrooms, affordable and above all, this very practical Student Chair will complement a range of spaces. Available in 3 standard colours with many more made to order options so you can customise your classroom colour scheme.

Sizes (Millimetres):
1 410 460 540

7 Year
  • Lightweight to be moved around the space effortlessly
  • Constructed with a Polypropylene shell¬†
  • Stackable for easy storage
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