Piggyback Mobile Display


Piggyback Mobile Display

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The Piggyback Mobile Display is a 5 tier shelf ideal for book storage. The design allows titles to be slotted next to one another, displaying the front cover for easy selection.

Ideal for libraries and primary school classrooms. These displays are best when arranged in reading nooks with comfortable seating.

The slotted tier design makes it easier for students to select their reading materials and put them away when finished.

The wider open shelf at the base of the display is also ideal for storing bulkier books and classroom supplies.

The Piggyback Mobile Display is fully movable on castors and available in a large range of vibrant made to order colours.

Height - 1225mm Width - 1225mm Depth - 650mm

  • 18mm board all over
  • 5 tiered sections with shelf under
  • Locking castors


  • E0
  • Australian Made