Mag Mania Mobile Storage


Mag Mania Mobile Storage - 12 Compartments

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The Mag Mania is all you could want in a mobile storage display. Store books, magazines and classroom supplies in the 12 compartments and transport them all around the room as needed.

The Mag Mania Mobile Storage features 12 deep shelves with an angled stand made from polycarbonate, a transparent thermoplastic that ensures reading materials are propped up for display.

The compartments are great for storing tote trays full of classroom resources like pencils, paper and craft supplies.

Available in a bright range of made to order colours. The Mag Mania is ideal for libraries, art rooms and classrooms. These displays function best when arranged in reading nooks with comfortable seating.

BFX’s range of Smart Storage aims to keep classrooms organised, neat and ready for your next lesson.

Height - 1475mm Width - 1100mm Depth - 600mm

  • 12 storage compartments with polycarbonate display fronts
  • 4 x 70mm locking castors
  • 18mm board all over
  • Tote trays sold separately


  • E0
  • Australian Made