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Providing a highly extensive and high-quality range of reception counters since 1990, BFX is your one-stop solution for all your office furniture requirements.

Spacious Reception Desks & Counters

We are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of officer furniture in Australia. With an experience of 30 years in providing high-quality office furniture to businesses of the small, medium, and large size, were certainly the best furniture providers in Australia.

While providing a great range of furniture to numerous businesses, we've never failed to match up with the expectations of our valued customers like you.

We've also gained the trust of our customers by providing high-quality furniture at very affordable prices. We don't just build furniture that looks good but also an innovation that copes up with the ever-evolving corporate world.

Based in Australia, we have established a great number of furniture showrooms, workstations, and warehouses to provide you with highly unparalleled service. Our furniture showrooms are established in all major parts of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.

With such a large number of furniture showrooms, we have a great competitive edge over our competitors.  Due to such great coverage, we are capable of providing you with a convenient and timely delivery for your desired reception desk furniture. Moreover, in case you need furniture in bulk, our workstations allow us to deliver your ready-made units at highly genuine prices.

To add up even more to your purchase, we also provide you with a fully-fledged 30-day free trial for all your desired furniture. With this, you can freely use the furniture in your workspace for the period of one month. In case you don't like the product, you can feel free to return it and get your money back. However, we're pretty sure that it isn't going to happen because we always provide an unparalleled quality of furniture.

In addition to it, we also provide you with a 10-year warranty on all the furniture that you purchase from us. Therefore, when you shop with BFX for your desired office furniture, you can always enjoy a highly satisfactory and hassle-free shopping experience.

The quality of our furniture is our topmost priority. Therefore, to make sure that you get the best possible quality of furniture, we make sure that our manufacturing process is done by following the proper and legal industrial standards. Due to this, you’ll always find legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI on all of our products.

These certifications act as a mark for the quality of our furniture. Moreover, it also reflects the trust and reliability of our services. The process of furniture shopping for offices wasn't so easy before BFX stepped into the game.

We have a great collection of reception desks furniture for your office. We provide you with great designs, subtle construction, and prominent workability in all our products. Our reception area desks are made to create an ever-lasting first impression.

Talking about the first impression, you may already know the importance of the reception area of your office. It is the most accessible area of your office that is visited by guests, clients, and your employees. By using attractive and ergonomically made reception desks by BFX, you can make sure that you not only impress your visitors but also present your employees a great place during the start of their day.

We provide a great variation in all our products. Therefore, you can always find something that matches your requirements. Moreover, in case you need furniture in bulk for your office, we already have ready-to-ship units available for you. Hence, you can always count on BFX for all your furniture related requirements. You can get everything you need at BFX regardless of the size of your workspace.

A Whole New Experience of Furniture Shopping

Furniture shopping for your commercial space has always been an exhaustive and tedious task. That's because when you shop for furniture, you need to look after a large number of things.

Moreover, when you have a large number of variations available for purchase, you may find it overwhelming to select a particular piece of furniture. On top of that, when you are looking for furniture online, all you can do is scroll through the pictures and read the specifications of your desired products.

It won't allow you to gain complete insights into your product. Therefore, to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase, we provide you with an entirely new and innovative way to shop for your desired furniture.

If you are a business owner in Australia, we highly recommend you to pay a visit to our furniture workstations. Our furniture showrooms provide you with a unique way to shop for your desired furniture. Here, you don't just get to see the furniture and its price tag.

Instead, you can feel the furniture and experience it like if it is kept in a real office. Furthermore, to provide you with inspiration for your office décor, all our showrooms are categorized in different designs.

In addition to it, when you shop for your desired furniture through our showrooms, you can get a chance to meet our expert team of consultants and designers. Our experts will help you to select the best furniture for your office.

Hence, if you want to shop for office reception desks like never before, make sure you visit our furniture workstations.

Shop for Reception Desks & Counters

The design of your office reflects the personality and vision of your business. In the same way, the reception area of your workspace is no exception.

In easy words, all of your guests, potential clients, and even employees walk through the doors of your office via reception. Therefore, it gives the first impression of your company to visitors.

With attractive designs of office reception desks by BFX, you can make sure that your first impression is one of a kind. Here’s why you need a reception desk for your workspace:

Communicate the Culture and Aesthetics of Your Company

When talking about other parts of your office such as conference rooms or executive offices, the centre of attraction is not the room but the services you provide.

However, when talking about the reception area of your office, a person might have to wait at least for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, the main focus of the person is on the design of your reception area.

Moreover, the person may also observe the flow of traffic around the area. Fortunately, these factors are pretty easy to control. When you shop for reception counters from BFX, you can choose from a wide range of designs.

Whether you need to portray a creative, aesthetic, minimal, or even a traditional design, you can get everything you need. With us, you can convey a visual message that lasts forever.

Improve the Mindset of Your Employees

Walking in a dark office with unorganized furniture and cold traffic and walking into an office with sufficient lighting and a great variety of furniture with suitable traffic are two different experiences. Moreover, as you may already know, the importance of retaining talent to your company and the struggle associated with it is real.

With a great looking reception area, your employees will always be welcomed by a contemporary and nice-looking place. This will provide a boost in their mindset and mood.

As a general rule of thumb, you must remember that the reception area is not just a place for outsiders but your employees as well. When you opt-in for office reception furniture from BFX, you can make sure that your employees always enter an amazing place.

Customer Service

While online shopping is a convenient way to purchase your favourite products from the comfort of your home, most of the people don't prefer it.

The most common reason for people not purchasing online is the limited support and contact channels. Moreover, when you are purchasing something as big as office furniture, you may want to make sure that you are always on the safe side of the track to have a satisfactory purchase experience.

At BFX, we know about all your concerns regarding online shopping and the problems associated with it. However, when you shop with BFX, you need not worry about anything at all. In order to provide you with a highly satisfactory experience with your purchase, we have a skilful team of professional customer support executives in place.

Whether you have a query, concern, or feedback, you can always feel free to contact our customer service associates and get help from experts. In addition to great customer support, our skilled team of professionals also provide you with additional services such as after-sales support, on-site measurements, and 3D space planning for free of cost.

To add up, even more, our team of expert consultants is also readily available to help you with the measurements of the area of your workspace by paying a visit to your workspace. Therefore, if you want to have a hassle-free shopping experience, make sure that you purchase through BFX. 


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