Oodle Whiteboard Junior Package

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Place on the floor for Junior's to easily map out projects

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The Oodle Whiteboard Junior Package creates a contained environment for students to conduct experiments in or work on small projects in groups on the floor.

Perfect for younger students in STEM/STEAM subjects.

The Oodle Whiteboard Junior Package includes a lightweight Riser Frame and Riser Inverted Ring designed for the Whiteboard Inserts to be connected to once removed from the Oodle Table Deluxe Package or used as a stand-alone student package.

Placing the Oodle Whiteboard Junior Package on the floor allows younger students to easily map out and interact with their projects in a more comfortable and natural way.

The whiteboard surface and low walls are ideal for testing robotics and even allows students to draw paths and directions for robots to follow.

This package supports a multitude of uses, including strategic planning, robotics and hands-on projects that require a contained environment.

  • DET 68449 SOA
  • 10 Year 10 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Australian Made
  • Height Adjustable
  • Multiple Student
  • Whiteboard Surface

Ideal for:

SIZE (Millimeters)
80h x 1200w x 600d

1 x Oodle STEM Whiteboard Insert (OST402)
1 x Oodle STEM Whiteboard Riser Frame (OST003)
1 x Oodle STEM Whiteboard Riser Inverter Ring (OST004)



  • Perfect for robotics projects, STEM Learning & Project Based Learning
  • Removable whiteboards offer collaborative surfaces to write on
  • Lightweight enough for students to move
  • Handles for easy transport
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  • DET 68449 SOA
  • E0
  • Australian Made
  • 10 Year