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Removable whiteboard tops for brainstorming and collaboration

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The Oodle STEM Deluxe Package has everything you need to create a STEM/STEAM supportive classroom for your students. STEM/STEAM classrooms are mobile and flexible, allowing students a hands-on way to investigate real-world scenarios, and they are also perfect for a project-based learning environment.

Whether it's creating simulated aquifers for science, building robots, engineering small scale bridges or understanding geometry concepts in a more physical and hands-on way. This table supports a multitude of uses in the classroom and helps students improve their critical thinking and collaboration skills.

The table leg features a simple push and pull mechanism that allows students to adjust the table height to their own ideal height or the ideal height for the activity.

When the Whiteboard Inserts are risen up off the Oodle Table, the space created underneath is ideal for storing robotics equipment or other classroom resources.

The Whiteboard Inserts feature handles that allow them to be lifted either by an adult or two students and placed on the ground for focused group work or teams.

Students will love brainstorming and mapping out ideas on the whiteboard surface top! The Oodle STEM Deluxe Package has it all.

Contact Us now to find out more about our other packages and how the Oodle STEM Table works. One of our expert Sales Consultants will be happy to assist.

Transform your STEM/STEAM classroom and unlock your student's imagination today!

  • DET 68449 SOA
  • 10 Year 10 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Australian Made
  • Height Adjustable
  • Multiple Student
  • Whiteboard Surface

Ideal for:

Package Inclusions
520-760H (without whiteboard risers)
820-1000h (with whiteboard risers)
2400W X 1200D

1x Oodle Table
4x Whiteboard Tops
4x Riser Frame
4x Riser Inverter Ring
8x Wall Hooks
1x Bridging Bracket


  • Perfect for robotics projects, STEM Learning & Project-Based Learning
  • Removable whiteboards offer collaborative surfaces to write on
  • Space created underneath is ideal for storing project equipment
  • Height adjustable according to student preference or the learning activity
  • Powder coat steel frame ensures structural integrity & durability
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  • DET 68449 SOA
  • E0
  • Australian Made
  • 10 Year