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Built-in ventilation holes ensures locker contains can breath

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The Core Go 2 Door Locker is a must-have for schools, gyms and hospitals. These industrial-look lockers can be banked in lots of 2 or 3 for efficient storage. BFX’s Smart Storage Locker range delivers high quality, heavily constructed and certified furniture designed for educational environments.

The Core Go 2 Door Locker is a dual-storage unit featuring 2 individual top and bottom lockers with riveted construction for additional strength and full-length door stiffeners. Ensuring the door stays in place when open.

Keep your belongings safe with the lock and key design, featuring a high-quality cam lock with a traditional Lockwood pin-tumbler cylinder mechanism.

Inside is a hanging rail and shelf to store clothes including hats, shoes, uniforms, shirts, jackets and gym wear. The built-in ventilation holes in each locker ensure breathability so clothing stays fresh.

An identification cardholder mounted to the door allows you to keep track of your own locker in a sea of streamlined light grey powder-coated lockers.

  • DET 68449 SOA
  • 10 Year 10 Year Warranty
  • Steel Frame
  • Lockable

SIZE (Millimeters)
1830H X 305W X 455D
1830H X 380W X 455D

Available in White (305w only) or Silver Grey powder-coat steel.

  • Full-length door stiffeners
  • Cam lock for increased security
  • Can be banked in lots of 2 or 3
  • Name holder on the door makes it easier to identify your personal locker
  • Coat rail & hat shelf keeps clothing organised
  • Riveted construction for extra strength
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  • DET 68449 SOA
  • 10 Year