Office Chairs

Whether you work at a traditional corporate office or remotely at your home office, you need a comfortable workstation. A well-designed and appropriately adjusted office chair is an essential component of the workstation.

Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade your workstation for a completely comfortable workspace, choose ergonomic chairs. BFX is the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. BFX designs and manufactures different office chairs including:

  • Desk Chairs

  • Ergonomic Chairs

  • Computer Chairs

  • Executive Chairs

  • Mesh Chairs

  • Operator office chair

  • Café chair

  • Booths chair

  • Lounge Chair

  • Ergonomic office chair

  • Computer chairs

And much more... 

If you are looking for a comfortable and classy office chair, BFX will meet your requirements. We have well trained and experienced office furniture consultants who help our customers choose the best office chairs. To that end, you are assured that we supply you with appropriate desk chairs for your office.

A good number of people are just concerned about a place to sit as they work. However, the reality is that your office workstation should not just be about any place to sit or desk to work. You need to consider a number of tips when choosing the appropriate office chair.

If you are a business owner, you may be wondering why you should invest in finding the right office chair for your staff. To assist you understand why you need to make the right choice, lets look at some interesting facts about office chairs.

A Good Office Chair Creates
A More Productive Office Environment

Firstly, productivity is all you are interested in, from your staff. In fact, that is the reason you are paying your staff some good money. To aid more productivity, buy an ergonomic chair for your staff.  Studies relating to human productivity show that comfort contributes to better productivity. Thus, your staff will yield higher productivity levels if provided with comfortable desk chairs. For meeting room office chairs in Australia, BFX is your right-hand partner.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Mean Less Sick-Leave Requests

Prolonged sitting is associated with musculoskeletal dysfunction. This is a common condition among desk workers. Therefore, chairs can prevent the abnormal strain of the neuromuscular system and aid in preventing discomfort.  

Do you or members of your team require sick-days often? The reason could be frequent back pains because of prolonged sitting.

Talk to a BFX consultant to find the perfect chair with ergonomic support for you. Our high-quality and durable ergonomic office chairs protect your employees from abnormal back strain.

Consider Executive office Chairs as a Reward for your Staff

Office workers often complain that their desk chairs make them uncomfortable. In fact, over a half of office staffs are requesting a better computer chair! Therefore, to make your staffs feel comfortable and motivated, executive chairs are a reward worthy for them.

Consider that buying ergonomic computer chairs for your staff shows that you really care about their health. BFX consultants can guide you in choosing the right mesh chairs for your desk workers.

What to look for when looking for the perfect office chair?

Now that we know why we need a good ergonomic chair, we will now look at how to choose. The reality is that shopping for yourself is one this while shopping for a business, small, medium or large organization, requires a lot more thought and planning. Indeed, shopping for the right office furniture adds an element of stress if you are inexperienced.

Are you struggling to purchase the right mesh chairs, executive chairs or ergonomic chairs? Worry no more! BFX will ease the stress, providing you fast and efficient office chairs for a modern workstation. Just call us and we will ensure a fast and efficient response.

That said, there are important things to put into consideration when purchasing desk chairs for your office. Therefore, here are important tips to keep you going.

What Determines the Right Chair Height?

The truth is, the height of the person using the chair determines the correct height.  However, the perfect desk chair is 16 to 21 inches is appropriate for the majority of desk workers.

BFX supplies height-adjustable chairs! This saves you from buying new office chairs every time employees join your office. In addition, we provide custom executive chairs on request.

Do I need to Factor Depth and Width of the Chair?

Correct! The correct chair depth and width are important factors and determine your ergonomic comfort. The depth refers to measuring from the front to the back of the chair. Note that if the depth and the width of the chair are lacking, you experience significant discomfort and cannot sit for a long time.

Lower Back Support

The lumbar spine (lower back), has an inward curve that flattens if you sit for long periods. Therefore, a good ergonomic desk chair should ensure proper lower back support. Otherwise, you will experience weakened structures around the lower back. If desired, chose a chair with armrests. Our wide range features adjustable lumbar support allowing staff proper fit and support. 

Buy Office Chairs with the Right Backrest

The standard office chair comes with backrest measuring 12 to 19 inches. This is to ensure proper support of your spine and the lumbar region. To ensure your chair is comfy, and supportive choose a chair with a high back and adjustable backrest. This is appropriate for most shared office desks. Therefore, staff can adjust the backrest, accordingly, ensuring proper comfort levels.

The Fabric Matters

When choosing the perfect chair for you, don't forget to select the right material. Ensure the material is easy to clean and maintain. BFX manufactures office chairs that can withstand ongoing use. Therefore, you are assured they can last into the future. When it comes to materials, the different alternatives are:

  • Mesh

  • Fabric

  • Vinyl

  • Faux Leather

  • Leather

Stylish and Functional Office Chairs

To encourage employee productivity, it is imperative you provide some level of functionality. The staff need to feel comfortable and at home, to work for longer hours. Otherwise, old fashioned and worn out chairs discourage them from sitting for longer working hours. To that end, adjustable chairs that allow staff to adjust the chair to support good posture are appropriate.

We ensure creativity to produce stylish and functional chairs for office use. Moreover, we provide our customers with a personal office furniture consultant, to help in choosing appropriate office furniture


Did you know that you could order a custom factory-made chair? BFX provides custom office furniture at affordable rates. When you order custom chairs online, we ensure fast and efficient delivery. Call us today to place an order for a custom office chair.

High Quality and Durable office chairs

When buying office chairs, you want to pay close attention to the quality of material used. Besides the other factors, high quality and durable material is what you want to go for. Therefore, choose a trusted office furniture supplier. BFX manufactures high-quality and durable office furniture. We source materials from trusted suppliers hence we are sure that our office chairs last longer than anticipated. Besides, we provide a quality guarantee to our customers with every office chair bought. Therefore, if high quality and durability features on your checklist, you are at the right page.

Excellent value for money

At the end of the day, you have to part with some value to attract a valuable item. What determines the right affordable office chair is the quality you are looking to buy. Therefore, you need to ensure value for money at finding a chair for the right price that suits your style and budget! At BFX, we have high-quality office chairs at affordable pricing. Order online or visit your nearest store - we can deliver to your doorstep, saving you money and time. Take a look at our clearance section to find our latest offers!

We are ready to help our customers ensure they have the appropriate office chair. Remember that your chair plays a significant role when it comes to productivity. Therefore, contact our office furniture consultants for assistance when you want to shop online. We listen keenly, ensuring that we provide the right advice to our customers.  

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