Pozzi Student Chair


Pozzi Student Chair

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Our Pozzi™ Student Chair is the ultimate student chair beloved by many.

A classroom essential that has proven itself to be a student favourite time and time again.

At BFX we specialise in superior design and advance ergonomics for educational environments. Ensuring students are comfortable and supported as they learn is one of our number one priorities.

That's why we designed the Pozzi Student Chair. One of the most ergonomic student chairs on the market.

Engineered for Ergonomics

Featuring a unique design. The Pozzi Student Chair helps maintain proper posture with its perfectly engineered seat and back that offers back support as students lean back.

The back gives just the right amount of flex to ensure student comfort and support movement. The back even has airflow vent lines as a design feature that also keeps students cool in summer.

Featuring a handle for easy movement. The Pozzi Student Chair is lightweight and allows for easy stacking. 

Students Can Sit 3 Ways

  1. Straight
  2.  Side
  3. & Saddle

Giving students the freedom to choose how they like to sit promotes greater comfort and ownership over their learning style.

Complete Your Classroom

We recommend pairing the Pozzi with any of our range of SmarTable Student Tables. They're height adjustable and come in a variety of different shapes. Create interesting desking configurations in minutes and add pops of colour with your choice of student seating.

Why not scatter some active seating options like stools, ottomans and bean bags around the space as alternative soft seating for students?

We also carry a trolley to cater to your seating storage and transport needs. Don't break your back or break a sweat carting stacks of Pozzis from point A to point B. It's worthwhile investing in a sturdy trolley to make the whole set-up and pack down process and streamlined as possible, saving you hours in the long run.

Made from High-Quality Materials

The seat and back are constructed from high quality recycled Polypropylene, a lightweight thermoplastic with high impact resistance.

You can rest assured knowing BFX Furniture is subjected to extensive testing for strength, durability, stability and safety under AFRDI Standards. Making it uniquely able to withstand even the most demanding environments.

Sizes (Millimetres):
1 360 400 410
2 400 450 490
3 450 500 550

7 Year
  • Easy stacking & linking for efficient storage
  • Sit sideways, saddle or straight - according to student preference
  • 3 sizes (Size 1 - 360mm high, Size 2 - 400mm high, Size 3 - 450mm high)
  • Strong & durable
  • Generous seat size for comfort
  • Back & seat airflow vent lines to keep students cool
  • Innovative, ergonomic design for better support
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