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5 Mind-Blowing Science Activities For The Classroom

Activities By Teachers For Teachers All these Science Activities were featured on some fantastic teacher blogs who are passionate about creating fun, easy and educational activities for your next science class. Year 7-8 Chemistry Activity – Periodic Table BattleshipYear 6-8 Chemistry Activity – Grow Your Own Borax CrystalsYear 10 Biology Activity – Make Your Own Brain HatYear 11-12 Biology Activity – Create 3D Animal or Plant Cell ModelsYear 6-7 Physics Activity – Steady Hand Game Want All These Resources On The Go? Download Now Activity …

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Ring The Bell

A New Era Is Dawning The industrial model that has been the driver of education in Australia since 1793 is obsolete and we now have the opportunity to recontextualise the New-New learning environments of the future. New-New learning environments need to be based on inquiry-based pedagogies that foster the development of skills and capabilities required for the future focused workforce such as: critical thinking, communication, connectivity, collaboration, culture and creativity. The environment and furniture should be adaptive and flexible, catering …

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The Continental Shift

From Traditional Classrooms of old to Future Focused Learning® Spaces A future-focused vision for education recognises that today’s and tomorrow’s learner will face a very different future from generations past. A Vision for the Future The transition from the 20th to the 21st century ignited a significant shift in the world of education. The long-held notion that education can only occur in a bounded space with a clearly identified front, where all students are seated in desks and facing the blackboard …

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Connect With Your Students Using These 5 Easy Activities

The best teachers know the secret to connecting with their students is building positive relationships with them. They understand that the key to unlocking their student’s academic potential is opening them up to the idea of asking for help. School can be a socially and academically daunting time, no matter the age of the student. Every class will have a mixture of class clowns, backseat bandits, pot stirrers and silent observers. The classroom should be a fun and supportive learning …

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What Is Progressive Learning?

You may have heard it called many different things before. Progressive Learning, Individualised Learning, Personalised Learning, Student Centred Learning, Active Learning, whatever term you are familiar with, there is no doubt that there is some exciting things happening in the world of Education. Where Did it Originate? Progressive Learning originated in the late 19th Century and was coined by educational reformer and philosopher John Dewey. He proposes that “Education is more than preparation for the future, it is life itself”. …

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How Student Driven Learning Environments Impact Learning Outcomes

By Prakash Nair, Founding President & CEO of Fielding Nair International It’s a surprising fact that the top universities in the world actively recruit home-schooled students for their freshman class. The reason they do so is because these students have primarily been free to study what interests them most, and have “learned how to learn” while doing so. (Business Insider, Chris Weller, 2015) While standardised tests are too often the criteria upon which education outcomes are measured, acceptance into top …

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Learning Environment

The Learning Environment As The Third Teacher

After qualified teachers and, of course, the very first people to teach us right from wrong, our parents, there is a lot we can learn from the physical environment. When we were only but a few months old, we began discovering an entire world of sensory experiences around us. We discovered what different things in our surroundings tasted like, felt like, sounded like and looked like. As children’s minds and bodies grow, they begin to learn how to assess the …

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How To Create A Positive Classroom Culture

Building a positive classroom culture is a gradual process that if done right, can create a shared sense of community and respect in the classroom. A classroom culture reflects the values of the teacher and the student. It’s about creating a positive and safe environment where students are encouraged to listen and be heard, offer ideas without judgement, and build long lasting relationships with each other. Set Responsibilities Rather Than ‘Rules’ When we think of rules we often think of …

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Would You Try Flipped Learning In Your Classroom?

What is Flipped Learning? The flipped classroom essentially reverses traditional teaching. Instead of teachers talking at students at the front of the room, the learning material is delivered online and consumed by students at home. Whilst classroom time is reserved for ‘homework’, assignments and more hands-on class projects. The idea is that students absorb the basics of a topic at home, and come to class to strengthen that knowledge by putting it into practice. Flipped learning not only makes students …

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Flipped Learning
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