SmarTable Squeeze Table


SmarTable Squeeze Table

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The Smartable™ Squeeze™ Table is a modern and sturdy student desk which features a wide curved tabletop for students to spread out their school supplies. The modern design allows students to either sit in the inner curve or spin the table around and sit in the outer curve.

Connect other Squeeze™ Tables together to create an exciting range of configurations for individual settings or group settings.

The tabletop is available in vibrant made to order colours and the legs are adjustable up to 5 heights to suite prep, primary, upper primary, middle and senior classrooms.

These tables are built to last. The frame ensures structural integrity with its high tensile steel legs, able to withstand heavy capacity loads.

The Squeeze™ is the only table in BFX’s Smartable™ family that can be ordered in a collapsible leg version for easy storage.


  • Connect multiple tables to create configurations
  • Adjustable up to 5 heights
  • High tensile steel frame
  • Wide range of board colours