SmarTable Carve Student Table


SmarTable Carve Student Table

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The Smartable™ Carve™ Student Table is an Adjustable Height Table that offers students flexibility, personalisation and advanced ergonomic benefits.

Great for group work, discussions, individual work and collaboration.

Classroom furniture plays a vital role in engaging students. BFX understands the needs of both students and teachers. Whatever the requirement, room or budget, this student table is the perfect option for any classroom.

The Smartable™ Carve™ Student Table features an innovative 21st-century design. Smartables™ can be adjusted to 5 heights and transported around the space on its castors. Every Smartable is unique and features a fun tabletop design. Let your students get creative by arranging the tables into engaging configurations for group work!

With BFX’s range of Smartable™ Twist Tables, we aim to revolutionise classroom spaces where students can learn and share their creative ideas with a great level of comfort. Create a flexible and lively learning environment with our exclusive range of Smartable™ Height-Adjustable Students Tables.

Available in a wide range of vibrant in stock and made to order board colours.

1-year warranty on Whiteboard Finish surface


  • 18mm top
  • 2 x 50mm castors outer curve
  • Adjustable to 5 Heights- 520H, 580H, 640H, 700H, 760H
  • Can be adjusted by a student without tools