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Stylish and ergonomic, these Boardroom Chairs are perfect for professional meeting spaces and boardrooms. With options ranging from Mesh, High Quality Vinyl or Premium Leather, BFX has the boardroom chair to suit your space.

Complement Your Boardroom with Premium Boardroom Chairs by BFX

With over 30 years of industry expertise in office furniture solutions, BFX certainly fits the bill to get the most prominent quality of boardroom chairs online. We have been operating in the office furniture business since 1986 and always succeed to provide the highest quality of furniture to our valuable customers. We offer an endless range of boardroom chairs for your office meeting rooms. With our products, you can choose from a large variety of designs, colours, and styles. Moreover, our furniture is highly versatile in terms of material and textiles. Furthermore, we always make sure that our products are highly durable and rigid in terms of construction. They are designed in a way to last for a long time and provide you with an excellent service. With BFX, we do not just serve you amazing furniture solutions but also provide you with prolific designs and quality-centric service.

Our excellent range of seating solutions for your boardroom is designed to improve the productivity of your office. We provide boardroom chairs with highly ergonomic designs. They are ideal for a comfortable seating that promotes the productivity of your workers. On top of that, our seating solutions prevent you from various ailments such as back and neck pain. All of this is available with eye-catching designs that easily blend in with your existing office décor and increase the prestige of your workspace.

Therefore, if you are looking for office boardroom chairs that practically boost productivity, BFX has got you covered. We have an amazing team of experts to help you with everything from selection to placement. Hence, make sure you give us a shot for all your office furniture needs.

What Sets Us Apart

At BFX, we don't just provide you with a regular shopping experience where you browse product photos on a smartphone. Instead, we encourage you to visit our showroom and check out the amazing range of boardroom chairs in reality. We have numerous showrooms in various provinces all around Australia. Therefore, whether you are located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Golf Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, or any other part of Australia, you can visit our showrooms in all provinces. When you visit our showroom, you get to feel the nature of furniture. You'll be able to know the potential of furniture at your own office. Moreover, each of our showrooms follows a different furniture setting that helps you discover various designs for your office. Furthermore, we have various expert consultants available in-house to help you find the best furniture for your office. Therefore, we highly encourage you to hop in and experience a way of shopping like never before.

Mobile Boardroom Chairs

Mobility is certainly a dominant feature to consider while purchasing boardroom chairs for sale. At BFX, you can choose from an endless variety of awe-striking boardroom chairs. We offer countless varieties of seating solutions for your office boardroom with different designs, colours, and patterns. Moreover, we also offer a diverse range of materials in textiles and body for your furniture. With our mobile boardroom chairs, you can ensure that your employees can move from one place to another in the office with ease.  Our mobile boardroom chairs offer you a frictionless mobility experience with smooth traverse. Furthermore, they are designed in a way to provide a longer work life. They also provide you with subtle back support to help you maintain a proper body posture.

Mesh Boardroom Chairs

At BFX, you can choose from an extensive range of mesh office boardroom chairs. With the help of their open design, they provide a sufficient breathable space for your back. Therefore, along with uttermost comfort, you can also get rid of sweat and heat. Moreover, they are also very lightweight and easy to carry that make them easier to relocate. Furthermore, even though they are lightweight, they are also highly rigid and provide a solid construction. On top of that, they also have a back support to help you maintain an appropriate body posture.

Heavy Duty Boardroom Chairs

While you are looking for comfortable office chairs for your boardroom, you must also make sure that they provide a great structure with rigid construction. This is where the heavy-duty executive boardroom chairs by BFX come into play. Our range of heavy-duty boardroom chairs are designed with keeping rigidity and durability in mind. Due to this, our seating solutions for your boardroom are sure to last longer and bear a great amount of wear and tear. Hence, you can easily rely upon them for a longer work service. 

Arm Support

Along with back support, rigid structure, and open body, our range of boardroom chairs Australia also provide you a great arm support. With the help of this feature, you can rest your arm on the chair and enjoy a greater level of comfort on the go. Moreover, it does not only help your arms but various body muscles such as core and shoulders as well. Furthermore, we have an availability of various attractive designs with numerous ranges of colours and patterns. Hence, you can easily choose your own personalized arm support boardroom chair for your office. Therefore, make sure that you must check out the amazing collection at BFX.

Customer Service

We, at BFX, consider the satisfaction of valued customers like you as our top-most priority. Therefore, we make sure that your shopping experience with us is one of a kind. We have a proficient team of expert consultants. Our customer support team can help you with everything from suggestions to placement. Moreover, we provide numerous additional services as a part of our customer service free of cost. For instance, our experts can help you with rubbish removal, on-going support, and placement of your furniture. Furthermore, we make your shopping experience highly personalized with our technical services such as 3D space planning and on-site measuring. On top of that, we know your debates with online shopping and its hassles. Hence, whether you shop online or offline with us, our consultants are always available to help you with your furniture. Therefore, make sure you must give a shot to BFX for all your office furniture needs.

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