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Leading the furniture manufacturers industry since 1990, BFX is your one-stop solution to purchase office furniture at a highly attractive price. With an expertise of 30 years backed by industrial experts and a dedicated team for market research, we always provide an unparalleled quality of products and services. We don’t just build furniture that looks good.

Exclusive Office Furniture Offers For Cost-Efficient Setups By BFX

Instead, we create assets for your workspace that cope up with the ever-changing corporate world. We have a great number of showrooms located all around Australia.

We also provide ready-to-ship units in case you need a particular piece of furniture in bulk. Therefore, make sure that you check out the available furniture offers at BFX.

A New Furniture Shopping Experience

While shopping for furniture online, you need to look after a lot of things to make sure that you make a better purchase decision.

However, when you shop for furniture online, all you can do is scroll through product pictures and read specifications.

However, BFX provides you with a completely new and unique way to shop for your desired furniture with online offers. If you’re a business owner in Australia, we highly encourage you to pay a visit to our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired office furniture.

At our showrooms, you can get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants and get help with your purchase.

Furthermore, we don’t just showcase furniture with a price tag. Instead, we present it to you in an office-like environment to help you analyze it. Therefore, make sure that you shop for your favourite furniture products from BFX showrooms.


At BFX, you can shop for a wide range of furniture products available for clearance. They're available at a highly discounted price. Therefore, it's a great opportunity if you're looking for cost-effective furniture shopping. The product categories are highly varied in the clearance items.

So, you can shop for a variety of products such as flip-top tables, a single workstation, sit-stand table, stacking chair, visitor chair, flat shelf trolley, tilted tray trolley, bar height stool, lounge chair, back to back workstation, and a lot more.

Therefore, make sure that you grab this opportunity while it lasts and makes your dream office come true.

On Sale

We also provide furniture available on sale as a part of our furniture special offers. These pieces of furniture are available on a discounted price without any limitations of the stock.

Moreover, there are plenty of furniture products for you to choose from. For instance, you can shop for counter height stool, high back desk chair, monitor arms, flip top tables, wall-mounted pinboard, a single workstation, reception desk, lounge chair with arms, sit-stand desk, executive wall unit, bar stool, shift chair, mesh chair, visitor chair, and a lot more.

Hence, you must ensure that you check out the available products at BFX.

New Arrivals

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest furniture for your office, make sure that you check out the newest arrivals at BFX.

We make sure to bring you the latest trends in office furniture before your competitors. Currently, there are a lot of new arrivals such as executive wall unit, executive desk, studio booth, bar stool, shift chair, mesh office chair, outdoor chair, high back office chair task chair, visitor chair, bar stool trolley, knee chair, link table, flip table, and a lot more.

Therefore, make sure that you grab them for your workspace before anyone else at BFX.

Quick Ship

We also provide you with quick ship furniture with a range of exclusive office furniture.

These pieces of furniture can be delivered to you faster than other furniture products available at BFX. They include a great number of products such as flip-top tables, high back desk chairs, monitor arms, adjustable sit-stand table, sled base chair, upholstered stacking chair, folding table, lounge chair, ergo mesh chair, bar stool, task chair, sled chair, four-point chair, outdoor chair, linking chair, flat shelf trolley, tilted tray trolley, art trolley, space trolley, and a lot more.

Hence, make sure that you check out the range of quick ship products available at BFX.

Courier Express

If you're looking for express delivery of your furniture products, make sure that you check out the courier express office furniture available at BFX.

They're a part of our online furniture offers and include a variety of products such as high back desk chair, mobile pedestal, mesh back chair, medium back chair, heavy-duty load rated chair, ergo chair, round ottoman, cube ottoman, managerial chair and a lot more.

They’re the perfect match if you’re looking for a particular piece of furniture to be delivered urgently. Therefore, you need to make sure that you check out the express delivery office furniture at BFX for your workspace.

Australian Made

We also provide you with furniture products that are made specifically in Australia. Whether you want to support national businesses or contribute to the country's economy, you can find a great variety of furniture products made in Australia at BFX. There are numerous furniture units such as lounge chairs with arms, diamond gloss reception, ergo drafting chair, corner workstation, ottoman, double lounge chair, client chair, curve lounge chair, triple seater lounge chair, mobile pedestal, reception desk, low setting, and a lot more. So, make sure that you check out this Australian made furniture for an efficient and functional workspace.

SGS Tested

SGS provides testing services to reduce risks and shorten the time to market the products. They demonstrate the safety and quality of your raw materials and the components of your products. Therefore, a piece of furniture that passes SGS is ensured to be constructed with a top-notch quality of raw materials. At BFX, we provide you with a great variety of SGS tested products such as a single workstation, flip top tables, upholstered stacking chair, medium back chair, student chair, heavy-duty load rated chair, visitor chair with arms, single straight workstation, 8 person workstation, X workstation, 8 person H workstation, 6 person back to back workstation, and a lot more.


The GECA certification tests products and services against minimum environmental practices to certify them on the basis of the criteria of its life cycle. This ensures that the products are completely environmentally friendly and deliver a better outcome. At BFX, we have numerous furniture pieces certified by GECA. Therefore, they're highly environmentally friendly and include products such as a flip-top table, 3-piece corner workstation, lounge chair, mobile pedestal, single lounge chair, triple lounge chair, lounge chair with arms, round ottoman, cube ottoman, commercial bookcase, pedal shaped ottoman, straight desk, X base coffee table, and a lot more products.

Therefore, make sure to check them out in our online furniture offers.

DET 68449 SOA

The DET 68449 SOA accounts for the supply of emergency furniture arrangement in Australia.

It ensures the quality of modern and flexible furniture and provides a state-wise coverage for the same. When you shop for these products, you don’t have to worry about the quality at all.

At BFX, we have a countless range of DET 68449 SOA verified products such as wall-mounted pinboard, flip-top table, upholstered stacking chair, slim mobile pedestal, max mobile pedestal, student chair, visitor chair with arms, triple lounge chair, single lounge chair, double lounge chair, base stacking chair, origin E0 return, filing cabinet with 3 drawers, and a lot more.


The NSW SCM0771 provides quality guidelines for office furniture. This scheme not only enhances the value of your furniture for its life cycle but also improves its quality.

At BFX, we provide you with an endless variety of furniture under NSW SCM0771 contract.

Our collection includes 3-piece corner workstation, student chair, flip-top table, lounge chair, mobile pedestal, tripe lounge chair with arms, single lounge chair with arms, double lounge chair, back to back lounge chair, lounge chair with back, round ottoman, cube ottoman, commercial bookcase, straight desk, ultra-high back ergo office chair, splay return, and a lot more.

Customer Service

Online shopping allows you to shop from the convenience of your home and end enjoy a doorstep delivery for your required products. However, it’s still not considered a good way to shop for furniture with special offers.

Due to the lack of transparency and trust in online shopping, a lot of people believe that they’ll be disappointed upon the delivery of their products.

However, when you shop with BFX, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. We have a dedicated team of customer support executives at your service.

Therefore, feel free to get in touch for any queries and concerns. Additionally, we also provide other services such as rubbish removal and placement along with the delivery of your products.

To make it even better, we also provide additional services such as 3D space planning, on-site measurements, and after-sales support for free of cost. With BFX, you always enjoy a hassle-free furniture shopping experience.

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