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Sleek in its presentation and incredibly robust in its making

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  • Expertly coordinated colour schemes and chic designs that bring a touch of professionalism to any space
  • Stackable, versatile design—perfect for maximising space in bustling, high-density areas while offering the flexibility of easily moveable seating
  • Crafted from durable polypropylene seat & back construction and premium-grade steel
  • Elevate the aesthetic with an optional seat pad, offering a bespoke dash of sophistication - 3 seat pad options to choose from
  • Ergonomically sculpted to provide unparalleled support, ensuring that each sitting experience is comfortably superior

The popular Castel Seating range now boasts a chic coordinating shell and frame palette for a seamless aesthetic appeal! Crafted to withstand the demands of bustling educational and commercial environments, this space-efficient, stackable seating range is an excellent choice for assembly halls, conference rooms and cafeterias, where dynamic seating solutions are the norm.  Castel offers the Castel Stacking Chair and the Castel Counter Height Stool options.

Designed with both affordability and aesthetics in mind, the Castel Stacking Chair stands out with a durable polypropylene seat & back construction and high-quality steel frame built to endure even the toughest settings without sacrificing style or comfort. This chair stacks five (5) chairs high and stacks up to 32 chairs high on a trolley.

Embark on a journey of comfort and elegance with our enhanced Castel Stacking Chair, now offering the luxury of a personalised touch through an optional seat pad upgrade. Whether you choose the timeless chic of our Black fabric seat pad, dive into the diversity of our Custom Fabric selections, or indulge in the charm of the BFX Exclusive Fabrics collection — including the vivid narratives of Ninderry fabrics and the serene, nature-inspired Australiana fabric range — your space will be transformed by warmth and sophistication.

Discover a rich tapestry of possibilities with twelve (12) unique fabric choices in our BFX Exclusive Fabric collections. Each design, especially those from the stunning Ninderry fabric line, is more than just a seat covering; it is a revelation of Indigenous artistry, each pattern telling its own unique story. For those who crave the tranquillity of nature, the Australiana range draws inspiration from the restorative hues of Australia's vast landscapes, infusing a sense of calm into your educational or commercial environments.

The Castel Stacking Chair not only speaks volumes with its looks, but also resonates with unmatched comfort. Thanks to a thoughtfully contoured seat and backrest providing ergonomic support, users can enjoy prolonged comfort that encourages relaxation and productivity.

Embrace the fusion of function and flair with our Castel Stacking Chair and uplift your assembly halls, conference rooms, cafeterias and modern office environments.

  • QED SOA 104526
  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
  • Stackable

SIZE (Millimetres)
Seat Height - 450
Stackable five (5) chairs high
32x Chairs Stackable on Trolley - 1900H x 630W x 1090D

Available in modern colours as shown, with matching powder-coated sled frame.
The optional upholstered Seat Pad is available in three (3) choices: 1. Black fabric Seat Pad, 2. Custom Category 1 Fabric Seat Pad, or 3. BFX Exclusive Fabrics Seat Pad (including Ninderry and Australiana Fabric ranges - 12 unique fabric options). 

  • On-trend colour options to complement all education and commercial designs for a professional aesthetic
  • Optional seat pad upgrades for a touch of personalised elegance
  • A curated selection of Seat Pad upgrades from our BFX Exclusive Fabric ranges, celebrating local art and natural beauty
  • Stacks five (5) chairs high, or stacks up to 32 chairs high on a trolley making it an ideal choice for high-density areas
  • Great range of modern colour options to complement office or education colour schemes
  • Durable polypropylene seat & back construction and high-quality steel frame to withstand challenging environments
  • Ergonomically designed for a superior sitting experience
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  • QED SOA 104526
  • 7 Year