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Bean Chair with Beans

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The Bean Chair with Beans will brighten up a room and give you the comfort and convenience you’ve always dreamed of in a bean bag chair. Comes with 270 litres of beans inside.

The Bean Chair is pouch-shaped and ideal for those who want a lower more snuggly feel in a bean bag that isn’t too overstuffed.

Easy to clean and maintain. The Bean Chair is lightweight and can be moved around the room with ease. The design of the Bean Bag features double layer security with an inner safety bag containing the beans and high-quality vinyl outer covering. The underside has a secured zip and reinforced seams with double stitching all over, you won’t find a more durable bean bag.

Available in 5 vibrant colours. Create cozy little reading nooks with individual Bean Bags or arrange multiple ones together for an interactive learning experience on the floor.


360H X 670W X 670D

500H X 850W X 850W version available made to order only**


Stocked in Blue, Green & Orange vinyl


1 Year


  • Great Value Vinyl Bean Bag makes cleaning spills & dirt easy
  • Filled with Beans for comfortable lounging
  • Durable Stitching & secured zip to reinforce the bean bag
  • Inner safety bag prevents beans from spilling out
  • Reinforced seams with double stitching ensure the longevity of the product


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