Basics 2 Door Locker


Basics Locker - 2 Door

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The Basics 2 Door Locker is a must have for schools, gyms and hospitals. These industrial-look lockers can be banked in lots of 2 or 3 for efficient storage. BFX’s Smart Storage Locker range delivers high quality, heavily constructed and certified furniture designed for educational environments.

The Basics 2 Door Locker is a dual-storage unit featuring 2 individual top and bottom lockers with riveted construction for additional strength and full length door stiffeners. Ensuring the door stays in place when open.

Keep your belongings safe with the lock and key design, featuring a high quality cam lock with a traditional Lockwood pin-tumbler cylinder mechanism.

Inside is a hanging rail and shelf to store clothes including hats, shoes, uniforms, shirts, jackets and gym wear. The built-in ventilation holes in each locker ensures breathability so clothing stays fresh.

An identification card holder mounted to the door allows you to keep track of your own locker in a sea of streamlined light grey powdercoated lockers.

Height - 1830mm Width - 305mm Depth - 455mm

  • Riveted construction for extra strength
  • Full length door stiffeners
  • Cam lock
  • Can be banked in lots of 2 or 3
  • Name holder on doors
  • Coat hooks