Ascendo Ultra Electronic Height Adjustable Sit Stand Workstation

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The Ascendo Ultra Electronic Sit-Stand Workstation is one of our flagship commercial products offering everything imaginable from a height-adjustable desk space, plus it’s designed to move as quickly as you do.

Ascendo Workstation is ideal for those needing more desk space.  The L-shape creates a perfect desk for any office corner or open workspace plan and it’s large enough to hold all the things you need to get the job done.  

The Workstation features the same 3-stage frame design as our Ascendo Ultra 2-leg desks which makes it easy to change worksurface height and posture, and it’s convenient, intuitive controls encourage more health-conscious behaviours.

Equipped with a twin motor that provides lift capacity of 140kgs, the Ascendo Ultra Workstation is adjustable via a sleek control panel that can store up to 3 pre-set memory positions in a simple touch.  It transitions quickly (38mm per second) and quietly giving you the freedom to choose between seated and standing postures.

The Ascendo Workstation is available in two popular sizes and comes with custom built tops in a wide range of E0 board colours to suit your individual needs and stylish preferences.  We offer you the choice of white or black powdercoat steel frames.  If you’re looking for a purpose built custom size desk, don’t hesitate to give us a call, BFX specialise in building office furniture that meets your individual needs.   

Safety is a key aspect of the Ascendo Electronic Sit-Stand Range – both anti-collision and anti-tilt features are fitted to eliminate the instance of damage or injury when adjusting desk heights.

What separates the Ascendo Electronic Sit-Stand from others height adjustable desks are the optional upgrades.  

Bluetooth controller system upgrade.  Imagine a controller system that seamlessly pairs with a tailored App (iOS and Android compatible) to adjust your desk.  The Ascendo Ultra can do just that in one simple tap of your personal smartphone.

Another clever upgrade is the integrated power management option, known as Cable Trays, that allows for convenient powering of technology and hosts from 4 to 8 power outlets and up to 4 data bezels (depending on your desks configuration) freeing up cords coming in for a neat and tidy workspace, and it also promotes easy mobility.

Modesty Panels, Rechargeable Battery Packs to promote desk mobility and Covers to link multiple desks together are just some of the other advanced upgrades offered on the Ascendo Electronic Sit-Stand Range.

Sit-stand desks promotes wellness in the workplace, at BFX we are motivated by the concept that you will leave the office healthier then when you arrived.

SIZES (Millimeters)
Available in 2 workstation sizes as standard:
635-1285H x 1800/1800 x 750D 
635-1285H x 1500/1500 x 750D
Top 25mm 

Made to order in a wide range of popular board colours options as shown.
Available in white or black powdercoated steel frame.


  • Twin motor – 3 stage motorised legs offering 140kg weight loading capacity
  • Smooth and silent adjustment at 38mm per second
  • 3 pre-set programmable postures
  • Anti-collision and anti-tilt safety features
  • Available in black and white frames
  • Wide range of made to order board colours to choose from
  • Optional Cable Trays and Umbillical Cable upgrades to manage power and data cords to keep your worspace safe and tidy.
  • Optional Modesty Panels (white or black) and Portable Battery Packs allows desk mobility
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  • E0
  • 5 Year
    5 Year

Effortlessly change from sitting to standing positions

Program your ideal sitting and standing desk height into the controller. Switch between the two seamlessly.

Ascendo Dimensions

Ascendo features

Packed With The Latest Features

Fast height adjustment at 38mm a second. Anti tilt and anti collision features for added safety. Custom sizes are available, made to order.

Product Features

Ascendo legs

3 Stage Leg

Desktop adjusts 635-1285mm high

Ascendo Weight

Super Heavy Duty Motor

Huge 140kg weight loading capacity

Ascendo Controller

Sleek Electronic Controller

3 programmable preset buttons

Ascendo Modesty

Range of Accessories

Modesty, umbilical cable & cable tray & more

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