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2019 Office Catalogue

Stay up to date with the latest research about modern office designs, get inspiration for your next fit-out, discover Activity Based Working and start your journey with BFX Furniture.

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In this Catalogue you will discover:

  • The 4 types of Activity Based Workspaces
    Inspiring and innovative office designs
  • Our huge selection of fabrics and board finishes 100s of industry leading products
  • ‘The 7 Benefits of Activity Based Workspaces’ Research Article
  • Innovative workstation screening configurations
  • Our extensive E0 and DET certified product ranges

Unlock Activity Based Working In Your Office

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Work Collaboratively
Office Catalogue 3
Think Critically
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Think Critically
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Embrace Culture

Activity Based Working is all about you and your workplace, it’s about people, place and technology working together in a more productive and enjoyable way. ABW allows employees to transition to different spaces throughout the day depending on a particular task or need.

You work together in Collaboration Spaces, share ideas in Communication Spaces, concentrate in Focused Spaces and you take a break in Revitalisating Spaces. Throughout the work day you think differently depending on the task. Why shouldn’t the environment you occupy think differently as well?

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