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The Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs


Most business owners will agree that providing a safe working environment for themselves and their employees ranks fairly highly on their list of priorities. One aspect of maintaining that safe, comfortable environment that is sometimes overlooked is providing ergonomically designed office furniture. Ergonomic office chairs are of particular importance with many employees spending the majority of their day in a seated position.

Sitting in a office chair for hours at a time in a poor seating position may not seem like a major safety risk now, however repeating that same activity day after day can have an accumulative effect on a persons health. If employees are experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain whilst completing their office duties, it might be time to reconsider the office chairs that they are using. A quality office chair that is set up correctly can go a long way towards alleviating pains associated with being seated for long periods of time.

The benefits of investing in quality ergonomic office furniture including ergonomic office chairs greatly outweighs the initial cost of installing ergonomic furniture. Productivity is often increased as employees have a reduced need to have breaks from their sitting position or time off from work due to common issues like back pain.

When choosing an ergonomic office chair there are a variety of features that should be considered.

– Adjustable seat
– Lumbar support
– Appropriate arm rests
– The ability to swivel
– Adequate seat width and depth
– Head and neck support

An important thing to remember is that employees often have individual needs when it comes to office chairs. Considerations such as body type, existing pain symptoms, and type of work should be taken into account. Your local BizFurn Express Consultant can guide you through the process of choosing a chair for yourself and your employees.

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