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Care & Maintenance – Office Furniture Townsville


Care & Maintenance

BizFurn focuses on the integrity of social responsibility and the intent of corporate responsibility to drive our vision and lay foundations for sustainable procurement and creative learning environments.

General Care

Avoid scratching or chipping of tops and panels and snagging, tearing or pulling of fabric by always moving the furniture pieces in the way of their intended use, via mobile castors or lifting, not dragging. Do not sit on the arms or back of chairs.

Upholstered Seating

Sharp objects can cause snagging, tearing or pulling of the fabric. Cut any loose threads off the upholstered seating, do not pull them. Minor spills should be quickly blotted out with an absorbent paper towel or clean cloth to avoid staining. Avoid using aggressive household cleaners. For tough stains, use the services of a professional cleaning company. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching or discolouration. Spillages should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damage. Note: Do not use bleach or other harsh cleaners.

Minor Repairs

Minor Repairs of Scratches on table tops or panels can be touched up with a furniture crayon or scratch-fix pens.


BizFurn Express Australia Education Furniture intended use, is not designed for disassembly. Please see ‘Repairs’. Should for any reason you disassemble a product, it must be sent back to BizFurn Express Australia for repair at the cost of the client.

Office Furniture Townsville


Unit 1 Woolcock Centre
262 Woolcock Street
Currajong, Townsville Qld 4812
Phone: (07) 4728 8333
Fax: (07) 4728 8305
Showroom Open Wednesday Only
Other hours by appointment we will gladly open


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