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What is Smart School Furniture?


When planning classrooms, school furniture is often just viewed as the commodity that’s needed for seating and storage requirements and is usually reviewed at the end of the design process rather than carefully looked at when initially considering the classroom layout.

To create a 21st century learning environment you need to first determine the learning needs of your students. You can then engage them in the design & layout of their classroom but to do this you need furniture that has the flexibility to be moved and rearranged. Smart furniture can be used to create agile classrooms with project-based learning and individual learning spaces for different activities.

Smart School furniture has:

  • Flexibility: To provide different learning spaces such as individual; small team work; large group work; community.
  • Inspiring Colours: To create excitement and stimulation for students.
  • Safety: To protect students, independent testing should be done on all products used in classrooms.
  • Quality: To ensure that furniture can be used year after year it should be backed by a long warranty.

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