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School Furniture – A Flying Start Fact Sheet


A Flying Start for Queensland Children 

What is A Flying Start for Queensland Children? 

In 2010 the Queensland Government released a Green Paper for consultation called A Flying Start for Queensland Children. A Green Paper is a government discussion paper that enables all members of the public to have their say on major reforms before Government policy is finalised. 
A Flying Start outlines three major educational reform areas. Within each of these areas there are proposed initiatives and reforms for implementation across the State. 

1. Getting ready for school – Objective 1: Improving children's development, wellbeing and school readiness. The initiatives for consultation are: 

* encouraging parents to read to their children 
* enlisting volunteer readers in schools 
*  providing access to a kindergarten service (year prior to Prep) for all children. 

2. Getting ready for secondary school – Objective 2: Improving transitions from primary to secondary and supporting adolescent development. The initiative for consultation is: 

* moving Year 7 to secondary school 

3. Boosting high performance for all schools – Objective 3: improving school discipline and the quality of teaching and setting high performance standards for all schools. The initiatives for consultation are: 

* reviewing teacher training courses 
* establishing five Teaching Centres of Excellence 
* amalgamating three existing bodies into one independent authority to set and monitor standards for teachers and all schools across Queensland. 

What does A Flying Start for Queensland Children mean for Catholic education? 

After wide consultation with Catholic education authorities QCEC submitted a formal response to the consultation paper on behalf of the Catholic schooling sector in Queensland. Some of the above proposals are agreed to and some have agreement if adequate funding is made available for their successful implementation (moving Year 7 to secondary). QCEC does not endorse the amalgamation of QSA, QCT and NASSB into one independent authority. 


For more information visit: 
QCEC Response to A Flying Start: 
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