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Case Study: Immanuel Lutheran College’s Journey With BFX Furniture

Mrs Jodie Hayat, Deputy Head of Primary School at Immanuel Lutheran College shares her journey with BFX Furniture in an exclusive interview.

Tell us about your goals for Immanuel Lutheran College

“Here at Immanuel Lutheran College relationships really are at the core of everything we do. The selection of furniture for these zones really enhances that and provides opportunity to build upon really important foundations for our students.”

“We are very much about creating active citizens in an ever-changing world. So, for us, it’s about collaborative thinkers, it’s about innovative thinkers, it’s about creative problem solving. These are all the skills that we are very much embedding in our practice for our students.”


What qualities were you looking for when selecting your furniture pieces?

“We were very conscious of making choices that would enable enough flexibility and enough agility that they could be moved about the learning zones as we needed.”

“With the pieces we selected you can create whole class set ups if that’s what you’re looking for. You’ve also got break out spaces for quiet independent work and for quiet research.”


What key pieces have you chosen and why?

“All of the zones can actually be created with the pieces we’ve selected.”

“We’ve also gone with a huddle table as well because we know particularly this is an early year’s space. This is a year 1 and 2 space that we’re moving into and we know the importance of our teachers being able to work one on one with children but also one to a small group as well.”


How was your experience with our overall fit-out and delivery service?

“As part of our furniture selection, BFX were a big part of that. They were very much advisors to us but also enabled us to trial different things.”

“So, we started in our year 4 spaces with some collaborative furniture about what would work, what wouldn’t work, and BFX were very supportive on that journey with us and we certainly couldn’t fault their service.”


How involved were your students and teachers in the design process?

“A really important part of our process was involving the key stakeholders in this space and one of them was obviously the students.”

“When we presented to them the floor plan of the new building here, we asked them what is it that you want to see in the learning space? As a year 2 student, what is it that you need to see in this space to make it workable for you? And what you see here is the ideas that came from the children.”

“We had lots of rich and robust conversation with our teaching staff as well who will be using these spaces,  about what it is they see their learners needing in the space, and indeed themselves.”


How do you see the future of learning environments evolving in Australian schools?

“The learning environments in Australian Schools is an ever-changing landscape. Here at Immanuel we are very blessed to be in this space, at this time in our journey, and certainly a lot of research has gone into what we are providing for our students here.”

“What you see in these spaces here very much provides what I believe to be an invitation for learning for our children. As you can see behind me, this natural environment is absolutely amazing, and the ability to actually work inside and outside is just extraordinary for our students.”


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