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Case Study – Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

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Gone, are the rows of desks at the Living Faith Lutheran Primary School in Murrumba Downs…

….traditional classrooms have given way to classrooms of the future with their new “flexible learning spaces.”

The Year 4, 5 and 6 classrooms have now been fitted out with agile learning spaces affectionately dubbed as fish bowls, genius bars and community booths.

After years of planning and testing, the learning spaces are now being enjoyed by students and teachers alike with great results.


Business Manager Les Barnard said that “Classrooms of the future must be flexible, must be agile and enable each child to reach there own individual potential”.

Living Faith Principal Jane Mueller added, “A contemporary classroom may look more like an airport lounge, with different types of seating that the students can select depending on how they feel at the time — a desk and chair, a standing desk, a bean bag, an ottoman …”

“It’s all about shifting away from and era of compliance and moving towards one of engagement. Research teaches us that if a child is engaged they achieve higher and are more motivated,” she revealed.

After the changes made to the Year 6 room, positive results were seen.

An increase from 65% to 95% of students said they liked or loved the school.

Significantly, reading ability among students also increased.

Project Name

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School, Learning Plazas

Project Scope

3x Flexible Learning Spaces, Years, 4, 5 and 6. Executive Office. Timber Board Room. Resource Centre.

Project Desciption

Create spaces that inspire students to learn in various modalities at different tasks.

Duration of Project

Approx. 9 Months Total

Key Services

Furniture & Colour Consultation, Specifying Interiors, Space Planning (including D&C), Floor Plans, Furniture Supply, Installation.

Project Achievements

Engaging spaces were created with 21st century furniture designs that offer flexibility and agility.

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