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Awaken & Unite Ideas

Stimulate Zone is the ultimate dynamic workspace. Complete with unique desking configurations, smart storage and student chairs, this learning community fosters a Culture of open Communication between students and their teacher. Students thrive in stimulating and flexible spaces that give them the freedom to work together or independently. 

Package Includes:

- 8 x E-Chair Sled Base Chairs

- 8 x SmarTable™ Carve™ Tables

- 1 x Hub Teacher Bookcase

- 1 x SmarTable™ Teacher Table

- 1 x Riva Max Mesh Ergo Chair

- 2 x SmarTable™ Jotter Tables

- 1 x Half Cookie Mobile Tote Trolley

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Culture Zones
  • Customisable colours made to order
  • Supportive & ergonomic seating
  • Arrange tables into unique configurations
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  • E0
  • 7 Year