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Acoustically engineered to reduce noise

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The AudioArt Safari Pack (9 Tiles) is made from polypropylene recycled materials and helps to reduce reverberated noise, making it an excellent choice for any educational space. 

The AudioArt Collections range includes a huge number of tile options to add an awe-inspiring visual aid to any space, such as Animals, Machinery, Trees, Alphabet and Numbers, Clouds,  Safari and many more.  BFX AudioArt Tiles are available in two application types; Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick.

AudioArt Safari is available in a Pack of nine (9) Tiles and offered a wide range of on-trend panel colours to complement your education or workspace (mixed or a single colour).  Simply contact your local BFX Sale Consultant to place your custom order.

At BFX, we are always looking for new and innovative education and office designs. We only sell the best; it’s that simple.

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
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Ideal for:

Pack of 9 Tiles
Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick application options (please specify)

Offered in a pack of 9 tiles in a single panel colour or mixed colours.

  • Pack includes nine (9) tiles in a single colour
  • Acoustically engineered to reduce noise
  • Two application types - Hanging Hooks or Peel and Stick
  • Lightweight, fire resistant, and made from eco-friendly 55% recycled PET plastic
  • Pinnable tiles
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