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Link & Think Together

Critical Thinking evolves when students demonstrate their ability to devise solutions to real world problems. The Link Zone offers students a more relaxed setting for reflective thinking and effective Collaboration. The curved lounge creates comfortable and supportive space for students to Connect with their learning.

Package Includes:

- 3 x Podiseum Straight

- 2 x Podiseum Curved

- 4 x SmarTable™ Jotter Tables

- 3 x Cushox Round Ottomans

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
  • E0
  • Critical Zones
  • Whiteboard finish table for brainstorming & interactive planning
  • Comfortable padded seat & back
  • High walls minimise distractions & provide another writable surface
  • Create a quiet study space or private nook for groups
  • Rearrange mobile lounges in a number of configurations
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  • E0
  • 7 Year