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Ideal for planning, brainstorming, unpacking ideas & sharing

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Glassboards offer a stain free writable surface for brainstorming, collaboration and strategic planning.

Let the free flow of ideas inspire you.

Create a colourful space that not only supports communication but also aids it. Writable walls and whiteboard surfaces are the future of modern classrooms, training rooms and conference rooms.

A Glassboard is a no mess no stress visual aid and functions the same as a traditional whiteboard with whiteboard markers. Only a Glassboard offers a range of vibrant colours to brighten up your walls.

SIZE (Millimetres)

893H X 600W

893H X 900W

893H X 1200W

893H X 1500W

893H X 1800W

893H X 2100W



  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit spatial requirements
  • Write & erase with ease
  • Ideal for planning, brainstorming, unpacking ideas & sharing
  • Colouful & vibrant options help promote creativity
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