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This Double-Sided Easel is a must have for art rooms. The easel is height adjustable according to student preference or year level and double sided allowing multiple students to paint and create art.

The thick masonite board itself can be unbolted and rotated landscape to allow for more personalisation in an art room. The Double Sided Easel is also equipped with a tray on both sides that can fit 4 paint pots, ensuring essential art supplies are close by.

  • 1 Year 1 Year Warranty
  • Height Adjustable

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Height adjustable to 115-128H


  • Thick masonite board is durable & sturdy
  • Can be turned landscape allowing for different painting options
  • Height adjustable according to student preference
  • Each tray fits 4 paint pots keeping art supplies close by
  • Double sided surface allows multiple students to paint
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