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6 Common Pitfalls of Buying Used Office Chairs


6 Common Pitfalls of Buying Used Office Chairs

Sometimes, buying things used is a sensible idea that can save you money. For example, many of us save money by purchasing used cars to avoid the rapid depreciation of a new car, or a second-hand refrigerator to put in the garage as a backup. However, when it comes to office chairs, you may want to buy them new, as used office chairs have several pitfalls. 

Here are the top 6 reasons why buying new rather than used office chairs may be a better idea.

No Warranty... Or Hardly Any Left

Firstly, one of the most significant issues is the potential lack of warranty available on used office chairs. Since chairs are often re-sold after a period of use, the original warranty may become void and be unable to transfer to the new owner. This is a significant downside, as a warranty guarantees you will have access to a fully functioning chair for a set period of time.

Many high-end brands offer extended warranties on office chairs – you may get lucky and have some remaining warranty, but be sure to check that the warranty is still applicable when purchased used. BFX offers up to ten-year warranties on some of our office chairs, including the Magnus Mesh Back Executive Chair, and Guyra Mesh Back Office Chair.

Appearance and Cleanliness

When purchasing used office chairs, or any used office furniture for that matter, one of the common problems is that they can be filthy and unhygienic. Some of these chairs have been left in office buildings, garages or basements for extended periods of time and may not have been cleaned properly. This can lead to odors, dirt, stains, and potential hygiene issues. Many staff may not appreciate the idea of stilling in a worn-out chair, leading to lower staff satisfaction.

If you purchase used chairs, always insist on proper cleaning and check the condition of all chairs. Nobody wants to sit on an old stain that is too embedded to be cleaned. The need to inspect all chairs leads to the next pitfall.

Hidden defects - that can't be fixed.

When buying used office chairs, there can be hidden defects that may not be immediately visible. It is important to always inspect the chair thoroughly before purchase as any defect could lead to costly repairs in the future. Worn-out cushioning or armrests, broken control mechanisms, arms that do not remain in an upright position, and worn-out castors are just some of the potential issues that could be concealed in a used office chair. Check out our guide on things you should know about before buying ergonomic office chairs for a refresher on what you should be looking for.

Even though some defects may not seem major, they can prevent people from being able to sit comfortably, which could lead to health-related problems over time. Always make sure to inspect any furniture you plan on buying used carefully.

Old Worn Black Office Chair damage

Lack of Choice

You may get lucky and find the right number and style of chairs that you were after, but chances are you won’t. When purchasing new, you have the benefit of visiting a showroom ( BFX has several throughout Australia ), choosing the exact colour to suit your office style, and choosing the proper form and adjustment features for the comfort of your colleagues.


When purchasing a bunch of used office chairs, it is essential to consider the difficulties associated with delivery. Moving large numbers of chairs can be tricky and expensive as they are generally quite bulky and heavy. Depending on the seller’s location, you may also need to factor in costs for transport and shipment. 

When purchasing new, delivery and dispatch are efficient as they come from a warehouse designed to ship. However, when you are buying used chairs, you may find the trouble and expense it takes to remove them from their current building and deliver them to your locations starts to the into the money your thought you were saving very quickly. 

Portrait Of Smiling Movers Sitting In Van With Stack Of Cardboard Boxes And Furniture


Longevity is one of the most overlooked factors when buying anything used, and office furniture is no exception.

When you buy a used chair, you don’t know exactly what kind of treatment the furniture has had before it reached you. It could have been well cared for by its previous owner or it could have been badly abused and neglected. Even if there aren’t any obvious signs of damage, the chair may have suffered unseen wear and tear that will cause it to break down more quickly than it would have otherwise. That means that while a new chair might last 10 years or longer, even in heavy use, a used equivalent could end up falling apart after just a few months or even weeks.


In conclusion, it is best to avoid buying used office chairs due to the potential risks and uncertainties associated with such purchases. The chances of dealing with unknown maintenance and care, safety concerns, ergonomic issues, poor quality materials and higher long-term costs can be too great when buying used furniture. Buying used may mean taking on a chair with components that have been irreparably damaged through years of use. Additionally, there is no way to guarantee how much life the chair has left when purchased from a previous owner. While some secondhand office chairs may be sturdy enough for continued use, there can be hidden defects or worn-out parts that could cause malfunctions down the line. 

Investing in a new office chair is worth the cost if you want greater assurance of comfort and reliability. A brand-new chair offers advanced features, including improved material quality and adjustable components tailored to your unique body type. You won’t have to worry about any surprises or unpleasant surprises when making such an important purchase decision as investing in your ergonomic health should always come first. With a newly purchased office chair, you can enjoy maximum support and comfort while working at your desk or in meetings without worrying about any repairs or replacements in the near future!

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