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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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BFX is the leading supplier and manufacturer of top-notch quality office furniture wollongong in Australia. We have a professional team of expert sales consultants all around the state. If you’re looking to get an incomparable quality of furniture, BFX certainly fits the bill for you, regardless of the size of your business.

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Australia’s Renowned Commercial Furniture Provider For Education, Business, And Government

Huge Variety

More Than 50,000 Products With Warranty And Quality Certification

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Rubbish Removal, On-going Support, Placement, Delivery, and Assembly

Expert Advice

Quotation, Expert Advice, 3D Space Planning, and On-site measurements

BFX Furniture is an unparalleled manufacturer and supplier of high-quality office furniture in Wollongong. With top-level standards and services, we’ve been serving quality-centric furniture to Wollongong for over decades.

Therefore, if you’re in need of furniture for your business in Wollongong, we are a perfect match for you to get a prominent quality of products at completely genuine prices. We are providing our products and services in all parts of Wollongong, including locations such as:

  • Mount St Thomas
  • Figtree
  • Spring Hill
  • Fairy Meadow
  • Cordeaux Heights
  • Berkley
  • Crown Street
  • Wollongong Beach

If you need great quality furniture for your office in any of the locations mentioned above, you can feel free to check out the furniture catalogue at our website and place an order online. 

We’re Popular For Our Customer-Oriented Services

BFX Furniture is renowned for its customer-oriented services when it comes to furniture manufacturing and supplying in Wollongong. We always make sure that we fulfil all your furniture-related requirements on time by committing to a fast turnaround time.

Moreover, we also have a faster processing policy for all the orders placed online. Our product deliveries are assured to be on-time all over Wollongong. We always work hard to provide you with a highly catered service when you shop with us.

Our staff members only include professionals with great dedication, interest, integrity, and responsibility to serve you as per your requirements. We also actively address all your concerns and queries over a phone call. This makes our services one of a kind and highly personalized to make sure that you get an extremely satisfactory furniture shopping experience.

Decades Of Industry Experience

By serving numerous industries for over a decade, BFX Furniture understands your varying requirements and caters to your needs.

For different types of businesses such as call centres, law firms, real estate, and many more, we also provide work stations that make your daily operations easier. We also conduct several hours of research to understand the varying requirements of furniture for different types of industries. This helps us to deliver a completely unique and innovative industry experience. BFX Furniture is one of the most reliable and credible furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Wollongong.

Product And Design Quality At Its Best

If you need a totally amazing quality of furniture for your office, BFX is certainly a perfect match for you. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest design trends in the furniture industry to make sure that we always provide you with a top-notch quality of products.

In addition to it, we always use only top-notch quality raw materials for the manufacturing of our office chairs and desks. Our raw materials are only sourced from authentic and trusted suppliers to make sure that our products are capable of fulfilling all your requirements. We have a great number of designs to help you easily find something that matches your needs.

Timely Furniture Delivery And Free Placement

We have great coverage across Wollongong. This allows us to make sure that we always provide you with on-time deliveries of your order across the city. Moreover, we also provide you with a free furniture placement service with every purchase you make with us. Our skilled and professional staff makes sure that you always enjoy a hassle-free furniture shopping experience.

Enjoy A Free Professional Consultation

While shopping for office furniture, you need to consider a variety of things that require hours of research. Due to this, it’s a very daunting and boring process. However, need not worry because BFX Furniture has already taken care of the hard part for you. While shopping with BFX, you can enjoy a free professional consultation to help you determine the furniture requirements of your space.

Our skilled team of furniture consultants help you understand your requirements and help you throughout your shopping journey. The main purpose of this free consultation is to help you make an informed buying decision. We also visit your workspace to analyze your space and understand your furniture requirements in a better way and provide you with the best-possible furniture products.

Additionally, we also take on-site measurements of your space to suggest to you the right type of furniture. After you’ve selected your desired products, we offer you a space planning blueprint along with a quotation that includes all the mandatory details. This allows you to make sure that our products will certainly match all your requirements.

Furniture That Blends Perfectly With Your Existing Design

When you shop for furniture products for your office, you must make sure that it matches with the existing look and feel of your office. BFX Furniture provides you with a highly appealing and professional look to your workspace that reflects a positive image of your business in front of your customers and employees.

That’s because we always design our collection of furniture products while keeping the appearance of your office in mind. The finalized products will definitely provide an attractive and appealing look to your workspace. If you have a specified brand theme for your business, we craft our furniture accordingly.

Hence, if you are searching for highly personalized office furniture that matches your brand identity, make sure you give us a call right away to fulfil all your requirements.

Get Office Furniture That Assures Amazing Functionality And Flexibility

When you shop for furniture for your office, you need to make sure that it has proper functionality to get the most out of your purchase. Additionally, you also need to make sure that your chosen furniture provides you with great flexibility.

While shopping through BFX Furniture, you are assured to get furniture that boasts amazing flexibility and functionality. Our range of office tables and desks can be used for numerous purposes because they maintain a great blend of flexibility and functionality. Therefore, it’s certainly the best of both worlds for you.

So, by purchasing your required office furniture in Wollongong with BFX, you’ve already taken the first step of choosing a great piece of furniture. Our experts are readily available to help you with your purchase, from selection to placement to make sure you get all your desired results.

Our Products Provide Aesthetic Value And Reflect Your Brand

If you’re searching for office chairs, desks, and storage cabinets that spark up the existing look and feel of your workspace, you’ve already found a sweet spot. BFX Furniture provides you with a wide range of custom-designed office furniture that helps you amplify the look and feel of your workspace to make it a lot stress-free for your employees. So, when you shop for office furniture with BFX, you’re also contributing towards the productivity of your office.

Select From Thousands Of Products

BFX Furniture provides you with a never-ending variety of furniture products crafted according to your requirements. We’re highly confident about the quality and safety of our products. For all your office furniture requirements in Wollongong, we are certainly a perfect match for you. Hence, you must make sure that you check out the amazing variety of products available on the furniture catalogue at BFX website. Here’s a list of all the types of furniture products available at BFX.

Ergonomic Office Chairs in Wollongong

Nowadays, the majority of modern workspaces require their employees to do desk-based jobs for prolonged hours. While being seated for long hours, employees completely forget about their seating posture and eventually damage their body.

If your workspace also requires your employees to stay seated for a prolonged time, you must consider installing ergonomic seating solutions at your office. These chairs are crafted in a way to provide you with great support and comfort to your body. This helps your employees to prevent ailments such as back pain and enhance their productivity.

An ideal office chair can be adjusted according to the needs of the users with different weight and height. We suggest you take professional consultation from our furniture experts before shortlisting an ergonomic office chair in Wollongong.

To shop for an amazing quality of ergonomic office chairs for your workspace in Wollongong, you can always rely on BFX Furniture. Our large variety of office chairs are built to fulfil all your seating requirements while keeping ergonomics in mind. That’s why our range of ergonomic chairs are capable of providing a very supportive and comfortable seating experience to your employees.

We have an unparalleled range of ergonomic office chairs in Wollongong. Therefore, make sure you visit our furniture showrooms to check out our collection of office chairs. Here’s a list of office chairs that we provide:

  • Cafeteria Chairs
  • Executive Office Chairs
  • Visitor Chairs
  • Boardroom Chairs
  • Mesh Office Chairs
  • Booth Seats
  • Lounge Seats
  • Operator Office Chairs

Apart from all these, we also offer custom-designed office chairs that help you meet all your requirements. If you’re interested to purchase office chairs, you can feel free to visit our furniture showrooms or place an order online.

Secure Storage Cabinets in Wollongong

In addition to an amazing seating solution for your workspace, you must also take a look at storage cabinets that help your employees to keep their personal belongings secure and safe. There is a great variety of storage solutions available in the market and the choices are never-ending. With that said, if you’re looking for the perfect storage solutions for your office, you need to consider several factors such as the working environment, required size, aesthetics, and available space of your workspace. BFX Furniture allows you to choose from an extensive variety of storage solutions that include:

  • Metal shelving
  • Pedestals
  • Under desk storage
  • Bookcases
  • Filing cabinets
  • Office wall units

Therefore, make sure that you count on BFX for all the storage requirements of your office. Our storage cabinets provide amazing quality and benefit your workspace in a plethora of ways. You can always feel free to write to us or give us a call anytime to get a quotation. We are readily available to provide you with an unforgettable furniture shopping experience.

Flexible Office Tables in Wollongong

Office tables need to be highly functional and flexible to help you meet your daily work requirements. Here’s a rundown of office tables offered by BFX Furniture:

  • Flip tables
  • High-quality Boardroom tables
  • Steel office tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Cafeteria tables

So, if you’re searching for extremely flexible and functional office tables in Wollongong, make sure you check out BFX to get the most out of your money.

Multipurpose Office Desks in Wollongong

Office desks are required to be very supportive, comfortable, and durable. They should also be adjustable according to the user’s preferences. We deal with the following types of office desks:

BFX Furniture also provides corner desks and L-shaped workstations that help you make the most out of your free space. Our office desks are designed in a way to support you in your day-to-day work activities.

Get A Free Expert Consultation

Before you go ahead and start searching for furniture products for your office, BFX Furniture would love to provide you with a free expert consultation by industry professionals. This will allow you to determine your requirements easily and make an informed purchase decision. Call us right now and book your free consultation within a minute.

Book a Free On-Site Consultation with a Furniture Expert

We highly recommend you get expert advice from one of our experienced Furniture Consultants. Book a consultation, its free and we come to you.

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