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Illustrate Zone

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Children thrive in environments that give them the creative tools to experiment with ideas, question and discover. Whether it be using paint, paper, pencils or music as a medium for creative expression.

Illustrate Create Zone ensures students can work in groups and easily access learning resources such as books, magazines, writable surfaces and craft supplies. The ergonomically designed SmarTable™ Clique™ Straight Tables and Pozzi™ Chairs have been arranged for creative group work.

Illustrate Create Zone is jam packed with organisation and space saving solutions. Students can dive into the Beehive Book Box Trolley as well as doodle, draw and play games on the Doodle Cart’s whiteboard. They can also display their favourite titles on the Piggyback Mobile Display’s five tiers.


  • 1x Beehive Book Box – 660h x 1225w x 650d
  • 4x SmarTable Clique Straight Tables – 520-760h x 1200w x 600d
  • 8x Pozzi Student Chairs
  • 1x Doodle Cart – 1530h x 765w x 510d
  • 1x Piggyback Mobile Display – 1225h x 1225h x 650d



  • Customisable colours made to order
  • Supportive & ergonomic seating
  • Arrange tables for group work
  • Write & illustrate ideas on the whiteboard
  • Store & access classroom resources


  • E0