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Flip Zone

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Flip Critical Zone is a relaxed space with a unique design that’s more than just a functional lounge area. Bright colours like orange stimulate critical thinking and improve memory. Making it the ideal study space for retaining knowledge.

Students have the freedom to either lounge in the individual Flip Flop Chairs and Bean Chairs, or form a study group on the connected Flip Flop Lounge and use the freestanding SmarTable™ Jotters.

Students need a comfortable and inviting space to retreat for quiet study and individual work. Whether it be in a library or open study hall. Flip Critical Zone offers a casual space for students to sink into and hit the books.

'As Shown In Image’ Price based on exact fabrics & boards as shown.

‘Discuss with Consultant’ Price based on lowest price fabrics & boards available.

1 Year Warranty on Whiteboard Finish Tops



  • 7 x Flip Flop Lounge Chairs
  • 4 x SmarTable™ Jotter Tables (Whiteboard Finish)
  • 2 x Medium Bean Chairs


  • Customisable colours made to order
  • Versitle lounges that can be flipped to a high or low lounge
  • Jotter tables with whiteboard finish for quick note taking & brainstorming
  • Comfortable and vibrant bean bag chairs


  • E0