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Comfy Round Ottoman from the Comfy Range will not disappoint...

Sit back and relax in one of Comfy Range foam filled bag chairs.  Filled with squishy foam pieces that offer a more comfortable experience than beans – they may look like a bean bag, but they’re so much more.

Their soft, yet supporting formation cuddles your entire body. They’ll keep their shape for years to come thanks to a strong, double-stitched, inner liner and higher durable foam construction.  Foam filling adds a flexible spongey, extremely comfortable feel.

Comfy Range foam filled bags are also very portable and can be moved around with ease due to being incredibility lightweight.  Extremely popular with children of all ages, and not to mention adults, there's a Comfy Range bag to suit everyone.  They look great and are easy to co-ordinate with other furniture pieces in any location, including classrooms, libraries, and breakout rooms.

Due to their longer-lasting and more resilient nature, foam filled bags outperform regular polystyrene beanbags in terms of improved safety (reduced risk to children inhaling or swallowing bean type filling), comfort and durability.

All Comfy Range products are stocked in melon, blue, amethyst or green and made to order from the Warwick Beachcomber Range as standard.  You can also access BFX's extensive range of tailor-made fabrics - 250+ fabrics at all price points to meet your individual needs.

While primarily designed for single use, Comfy Round Ottoman will comfortably accomodate 1-4 students depending on ages. They don’t make any noise, will never go flat and offer superior comfort.

Stocked in 4 popular fabric choices including melon, blue, amethyst and green as shown.
Available made to order, choose fabric from the Warwick Beachcomber Fabric Range.
Contact our Sales team to tailor Comfy Range products to suit your individual needs and meet your specific budget.  Access 250+ fabrics choices.

SIZE (Millimeters filled)
Comfy Cushion 200h x 900w x 900d
Comfy Bag 740h x 700w x 550d
Comfy Chair 700h x 1000w x 800d
Comfy Round Ottoman 350h x 1200DIA

7 Years

Lightweight and sturdy
High-quality foam
Very portable
Comfortable and durable
Choose from Warwick Beachcomber Fabric range on made to order bags and ottomans
Ideal for classrooms, libraries, staffrooms and breakout rooms
Better alternative to bean filled bags due to reduced safety risk 

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