Fireball Mobile Storage 4 Column - 32 Trays

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Fireball Mobile Storage 4 Column - 32 Trays

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The Fireball Mobile Storage Unit features open shelving compartments ideal for gratnell tote tray storage.

This Fireball Unit is equipped for 4 columns of 32 tote trays. The featured F1 trays are shallow enough to store all your paper and craft supplies.

Store writing materials like pens, markers, paper, stationery supplies and craft supplies in an instant in the trays.

You could even store student's assignments, artwork or resources in the individual tote trays and label them accordingly. Never worry about losing a thing again!

At BFX Furniture we specialise in Smart Storage. Storage solutions that make organising classroom supplies easy, fun and efficient.

We carry a range of Fireball Units with various gratnell tray options in different sizes. Customise your storage like never before.

The unique design of the gratnells trays and their mounted runners allows the tray to be smoothly pulled out and pushed back in a seamless motion.

Our Tote Units are solid and extremely sturdy. Constructed from E0 Board, a medium density fibreboard that’s sustainable and ensures the air quality in classrooms is safe from toxins.

You can rest assured knowing BFX Furniture is subjected to extensive testing for strength, durability, stability and safety under AFRDI Standards. Making it uniquely able to withstand even the most demanding environments.

The Fireball Mobile Storage Unit is equipped with locking castors for easy transport around the room. Making re-arranging the classroom a seamless task rather than a daunting one.

The Fireball Mobile Storage Unit is best suited for primary school and middle school classrooms. You will find them particularly useful in Art rooms as paint, brushes and paper storage.

You could even use the Fireball in Industrial Arts rooms for woodworking and metalworking supplies and tools.


****Gratnell Tray Colours Subject To In-Stock Availability.

Please contact your local Sales Consultant. 

Sizes (Millimetres):
1 830 1380 470

7 Year


  • 4x columns of 32 gratnell trays for ample storage
  • Constructed from E0 board ensuring better air quality
  • Locking castors make the unit easy to move then lock in place
  • Solid & durable unit built to withstand demanding classroom environments
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