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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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Are you looking for a supplier of office furniture Cairns? Welcome to BFX Furniture the premier supplier of office furniture serving Cairns. We supply Cairns office furniture made of high-quality material.

At BFX office furniture, we are a top rated manufacturer of ergonomic office desks and office chairs. We commit to providing our customers the best office furniture tailor-made to meet the requirements of our customers. Our showrooms are located in:

  • Portsmouth
  • Cairns City
  • Cairns North
  • Parramatta Park
  • Manunda
  • West Court
  • Manoora

Checkout our wide range of office furniture including modern workstations made to suit your requirements.

Cairns Office Furniture Supplier

For office chairs and office desks in Cairns, visit BFX Furniture online. We supply office furniture suitable for the local market. At BFX Furniture, we are experts in designing and installing custom office furniture. Therefore, if your business requires office furniture, we will gladly supply you suitable office desks and office chairs in Manunda and other locations.

Our office furniture consultants will listen to your requirements keenly. At BFX, customer’s satisfaction is the key to our business. Therefore, we ensure that the customer gets what they ask for.

To ensure high-level customer satisfaction, our office furniture design experts will provide expert advice when it comes to choice of office furniture. We design custom solutions made with style in mind. Therefore, you are assured comfortable office workstations.

Functional and Flexible Workstations in Cairns

During a typical workday, employees will input up to eight hours. This involves sitting, standing while discussing with colleagues during troubleshooting meetings. Therefore, it is important you have functional office furniture.

Functional office furniture allows employees to choose a suitable working posture. This is considering that employees who tend to work seated for longer hours, will start experiencing some discomfort. This discomfort means they are less productive. Therefore, you require functional office furniture like sit stand office desks.

For small meetings, consider larger office tables or spacious office desks that can accommodate the requirements of these employees. Contact BFX Furniture, for design and manufacturing of office furniture made to meet your requirements.

To ensure functional office furniture, we put the following into consideration:

  • Will the office workstations need to be separated?
  • Do certain employees need to work closely together?
  • Does certain equipment require being accessible to everyone?
  • Do you have smaller or bigger office spaces?
  • Does the organisation foster collaboration?
  • Are spaces available for focused work?

Therefore, our office furniture designers will seek answers to the above questions, ensuring office furniture that suits your requirements.

Buy Modern Office Furniture Online In Cairns

If you are planning to change the office layout, upgrading the office furniture is an important aspect. At BFX furniture Cairns, we have a wide range of modern office chairs and office desks designed to meet your requirements.

At BFX furniture, we are committed to researching the working spaces. This enables us to understand the changing demands of our customers. Our Cairns office furniture designers work closely with the end users. Therefore, we are able to put up a well-researched report when it comes to design of modern office workstations.

If you are setting up a new office or simply looking to upgrade the office fit outs we have unlimited options for your employees. Our modern office furniture features greater comfort with customised look. Check out our wide range of office furniture available at our local showrooms and at affordable rates.

Office Furniture That Meets Quality Standards

Quality is worthy of consideration when buying office furniture. You simply need to ensure that you purchase highly durable office furniture. At BFX Furniture, we are committed to quality standards.

This is when it comes to office furniture design and production of office furniture. In that regard, we have ensured quality assurance standards, right from sourcing of materials. We manufacture high-end office furniture Cairns.

Thus, our customers are assured durable office furniture designed to meet their requirements. Further, we involve a diverse spectrum of specialists that include leading experts to provide an independent testing. Therefore, you are assured that our office chairs and office desks meets highest quality standards.

Affordable Cairns Office Furniture

For affordable office furniture Cairns, come to BFX Furniture. We are a leading manufacturer of office furniture and we come with years of experience. Over the years, we have mastered the art of office furniture design. This allows us to manufacture affordable office furniture, designed to suit the requirements of our customers. Therefore, count on BFX office furniture for affordable office workstations. We do not compromise the quality standards when manufacturing the office furniture.

Therefore, simply choose us for amazing discounts on office furniture Cairns. We guarantee our customers high quality, at affordable rates.

Buy Office Furniture Designed to Boost Employee’s Morale

The employer’s greatest responsibility is ensuring the comfort of your employees. In that regard, this involves supplying office furniture that inspires the employees. In Australia, BFX Furniture, a leading designer and manufacturer of office workstations will help you achieve the objective. We manufacture a wide range of office desks and office fit outs designed to inspire your staffs. Therefore, the overall benefits include better morale, which indirectly contributes to better customer service.

Consider that your employees will appreciate the fact that you are interested in their well-being. This is by providing them ergonomic office workstations designed to promote their ability to concentrate. In that regard, your employees remain focused. For instance, if your employees work on desk jobs for long, remaining seated for more than six hours affects their ability to concentrate on current job. A good alternative is providing them the sit stand desks, which allows them to change the posture, enabling better flow of blood to the brain. This facilitates concentration while working.

Our office furniture is designed with the health of your employees in mind

Are you planning to purchase ergonomic office chair or office desks? Call BFX furniture today for suitable ergonomic office desks. We design office chairs and office desks designed to promote better office ergonomics.

Therefore, employees are able to input better efficiency in the workplace. Consider that office ergonomics reduces factors like musculoskeletal disorders. These are related to movement repetition or poor posture.

In that regard, if you provide ergonomic office furniture, this nurtures an efficient work process. This improves the work quality ensuring improved employee engagement. Therefore, come to BFX Furniture for an opportunity to create a safer workstation for your employees.

Enjoy Wide Range of Office furniture Cairns

As the leading cairns office furniture manufacturer, at BFX office furniture we are keen to ensure suitable office workstations for everyone. Therefore, we have widened our imagination when it to designing office workstations. In that regard, we manufacture different types of work stations designed to meet your requirements. From office desks to office chairs and all types of office fit outs, come to BFX, the leading manufacturer of office furniture.

Let us look at some of the types of office furniture available at BFX Furniture.

Office Desks Cairns

The office desk is an integral part of the office furniture. You ought to ensure the office desk meets the requirements of the user. Therefore, talk to BFX office furniture representatives in Cairns for different types of office desks designed to meet the employee’s preferences. We have adaptable and functional office desks, making the process of buying office desks in Manunda easier. When purchasing office desks, consider the following aspects:

  • The personal work needs
  • Size of office space
  • The available budget
  • Desired office layout

Moreover, it is important you consider the nature of work when purchasing office desks. For instance, if you are out of office often, office desks with lockable drawers provides security and privacy. Further, if you often switch between working on the screen and loads of paperwork, ensure your office desk provides ample working space.

At BFX Furniture Westcourt, we provide consultants who are ready to help you to choose the appropriate office desks. Call us right away for professional advice when it comes to choosing office desks. We have different types of office desks including:

  • Office workstations
  • Straight desks
  • L-Shaped office desks
  • U-Shaped office desks
  • Sit Stand desks
  • Corner Desks
  • Caddies and Hutches
  • Conference Desks
  • Returns
  • Steel Framed Desks
  • Reception Desks

Call us today or visit our showroom for detailed features of the above office desks.

Office Chairs in Cairns

When setting up an office, it is obvious that you are going to need office chairs. BFX Furniture is a leading supplier of office chairs in Cairns. We manufacture different office chairs. This is based on the requirements of the customer.

To ensure customers satisfaction, we are keen to understand your preferences and nature of work, hence supplying suitable office chair. For those working on full-time desk jobs, you need ergonomic office chair.

The ergonomic office chair guarantees you maximum comfort. Therefore, Employees can remain focused on their work. For different office chairs, call in to talk to our office furniture consultants.

If you plan to buy an office chair in cairns, here are some important factors to consider.

  • Good office chair should feature proper support for the lower back
  • check the office chairs height and arm adjustments
  • The type of wheelbase: for office chairs with carpeted floor, ensure the wheels are made for use on carpet floor.
  • office chair should swivel freely allowing ease of access to various parts of the office desk
  • Breathable fabric keeps the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable.

At BFX, we provide various options when it comes to manufacturing office chairs. Here is an overview on the different types of office chair available at BFX furniture.

  • Operator office chair
  • Executive office chair
  • meshed office chair
  • Lounge chair
  • Visitors chair
  • Boardroom chairs
  • Café chairs

Talk to BFX Furniture consultants for assistance when choosing the office chair.

Office Tables

Does your office need an office table? Nearly all offices require office tables to be used when holding meetings, or even at the office cafeteria. No matter the intended use, at BFX office furniture Cairns we will take care of your requirements when you need an office table.

Just give us a call and we will be glad to guide you when choosing office tables. Here is a list of different office tables available at BFX.

  • Meeting Tables
  • Flip tables
  • Steel tables
  • Boardroom tables
  • Cafeteria tables
  • Coffee Tables

Office Storage Solutions

To ensure your office stays organised, it is advisable that you consider proper storage solutions. BFX office furniture is a leading supplier of office storage furniture in Cairns and across Australia.

Therefore, if you need office storage solutions, checkout or us the available options at the BFX Cairns office furniture showroom. We have a wide range of storage furniture for your office. This includes:

  • Bookcases
  • Pedestals
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Metal shelving
  • Office wall units

Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade your office furniture, BFX furniture will guide you. We ensure our customers realise what they need in terms of high-quality office furniture. Call us right away for assistance.

Office Furniture Cairns


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