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Nicole Taylor

I was born with the gift to paint. I believe that my ancestors taught me to paint in my dreams.
This project means the world to me. In my heart we are stronger together as one. One nation. One mob. I am proud to inspire others, especially the younger generation so they can learn our stories and how our people use to live.
It is amazing to see my artwork as a fabric on furniture and experienced in a way like never before. I am honoured to be able to tell my story and continue my culture.

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Nulabang Bila

"Many Rivers"

Nulabang Blia “Many Rivers” shows the First Nation people camping on country surrounded by the many rivers.
All my life as a little girl my father told me about these rivers. How they all connected. How the colours changed over time. That once you could see the bottom and it was crystal clear. How catching fish used to be so different.
Through this painting I continue to share my culture and inspire the younger generation. This painting honours my father and ancestors. We are stronger together as one. In my heart I believe we are one. One nation. One mob.

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Scene many rivers
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