McCarthy Catholic College

Project Description

Staff workspaces at McCarthy Catholic College were recently revitalised by BFX Furniture. The focus was on boosting wellbeing while incorporating collaborative working spaces and improving the flow and feel of the areas. The existing layout used the entire floorspace for desking and blocked light from the windows. It was dark and cramped and didn’t encourage the Activity Based Working feel that the school required. The BFX solution included arranging teacher desking in runs to allow the natural light to flow into the space and the creation of shared spaces that embody focus, collaboration, revitalisation and communication. The new desks featured a slightly smaller footprint, yet they provided 12 additional areas of functionality in the newly created shared space. Quell Single Booths were used for individual focus or rejuvenation areas. Quell Settings and Happy Daze Booths helped create comfortable open workspaces for collaboration. Reconfigurable high tables in various sizes with stools provided the option to stand. In addition, a Sine Lounge Setting was used to create a team campfire zone for staff meetings and creative brainstorming. Desks included plenty of storage and a variety of additional storage was incorporated throughout the space.
  • Revitalisation of Staff Spaces
  • Floor Plan Design
  • Creation of Activity Based Work Spaces
  • Creation of Focus, Collaboration, Revitalisation and Communication Spaces
Key Services
  • Furniture Selection
  • Colour Coordination
  • Delivery and Installation

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