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6 Things You Should Be Doing Daily to Keep Your Workspace Organised

Organise Your Workspace
There are piles of paperwork spilling across your keyboard. You lost that really important sticky note and finding a single paper clip or binder is impossible. There are cables and power cords sticking out from everywhere. Forgotten mugs lay desolate in a corner (there's a dead fly in one), and you're pretty sure there's a pen or two underneath the raging pile that is your bills. In short, your workspace is an unorganised pit where your productivity goes to die. Too harsh? Maybe a little. Or then again, maybe not enough! If you are tired of encountering this exact warzone of a workspace every day and you want to get serious about making a change, you have come to the right place. Even though it...

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Furniture Without Checking Its Certifications First

Product Testing
This is part 2 of our new Furniture Testing & Safety blog series. At BFX Furniture we are dedicated to product testing and ensuring we deliver the safest and most high quality furniture for the Australian education and commercial environment.   The Importance of Product Testing Product testing is extremely important for any business operating in the manufacturing or retail industry, whether it’s consumer goods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs, cars, tools and machinery or furniture. Consumers have the right to know how safe what they’re buying really is. Furniture manufacturers and retailers need to be even more vigilant in their product testing. Especially, when according to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission), at least 14 children under nine years old died in Australia during 2000-2015 after...

Castel Stacking Chair Approved to AFRDI Blue Tick Standard

The Castel Sled Base Stacking Chair has been approved to AFRDI Blue Tick standard. BFX continues its commitment to supplying quality furniture that has been independently tested by AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute). The Chair was tested at Test Level 4. Test areas include: • Strength • Durability • Stability The chair is available exclusively through BFX, both online or in store. It comes backed by a 5 year warranty and is available now in a variety of modern colours. View Certificate #mpcth_cta_XUFQn.wpb_call_to_action .wpb_button_a .mpcth-cta-arrow {border-color:#0033ff} #mpcth_cta_XUFQn .wpb_button_a {background-color:#0033ff}View the Castel Sled Base Stacking ChairClick Here Share

BFX Campaign Raises Money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Thank you to all BFX customers who purchased a red Quickship chair during the recent campaign to raise money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. A total of 405 red chairs were sold which raised over $2000. The proceeds of the BFX campaign will go towards educating children about their personal safety and assisting young victims of crime through financial support. Connie Glover from BFX was proud to present the proceeds of the campaign to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Operations Manager, Ken Searles last week. Share

BFX’s Sunshine Coast Warehouses Completed


Phase 1 of BFX’s Sunshine Coast warehouse construction is completed and in operation. The two tilt slab concrete warehouses are located in Yandina’s industrial estate just of the Bruce Highway on 15,000 square meters of land. Warehouse Building 1 2000 square meters Office space for 30 people 40 on-site staff car parking spaces Storage for 600 pallets of furniture Warehouse Building  2  2000 square meters 15 on-site car/truck parking spaces 13700 Cubic Meters/ 2200 pallets of furniture storage space. 5 Trucks can be loaded simultaneously Double reach multistory stacking New state-of-the-art Crown RMD6000 forklifts The new facility will allow BFX to keep a larger range of products in stock and ready for Quickship.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation Campaign

BFX is excited to announce a new campaign supporting the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. For every Red Quickship Chair sold, BFX will donate $5 towards the foundation's vital child safety initiatives. Donations will be presented to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation on the Day For Daniel on October 31st. To find out more about the great work the Daniel Morcombe Foundation does or to donate directly visit Share

State of the Art Call Centre Fitout In Auckland

BizFurn recently completed the furniture fitout for a new state of the art call centre in Auckland, New Zealand.  The fitout comprised of 138 workstations, 2 meeting rooms, 2 interview rooms and a training room set up to accomodate 30 staff members. BizFurn was given a tight schedule to work within and it was imperitive that the project completed on time.  Access to the building was not available until July 25 and the facility was required to be fully operational by August 5.   The coordination of this project, headed by BizFurn's Erick Buma, was particualy impressive considering the furniture arrived in 3 shipping containers from 3 different countries.  To complete the project on time all of the shipping containers were required to arrive within…

Commercial Furniture vs Residential Furniture

If you are setting up an office space for the first time, you may not realise that the residential grade furniture that is available through the large home furnishing chain stores, will just not last in a commercial office environment.  An office chair or lounge that is made for home use & gets sat on an hour or two a day will not be suitable for a commercial office space. In a commercial environment, furniture gets heavy use for extended periods of time by people with a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.  You can expect commercial grade furniture to last for a minimum of 5 years and even much longer depending on the commercial setting where it is placed. Chances are that furniture…

Best Colours For A Relaxed Office

Office Colour Scheme

Colour is a huge part of our daily lives. Green for go, red for stop, yellow for sun, black for night. But did you know that colour can also have a big impact on our emotions? There are many theories for why this is, but it has been proven that by implementing certain colours into a design scheme, you can have a positive effect on emotions. By using this information, you can colour your office to make you and your coworkers more relaxed and in turn, more productive. One of the simplest ways to implement new colour into a workplace is by updating your office furniture and decor to relaxing colours. Adding furniture with bright, modern colours can add an element of excitement and promote…

The Importance Of Ergonomic Office Furniture


If you work in an office, own an office or work from home, you’ll likely spend much of your day sitting at a desk. If this is the case, then you should have ergonomic furniture. Uncomfortable chairs and poorly designed desks give way to sore backs and necks, leading to bad posture and a wide range of ongoing health issue. This is not only painful, but will reduce productivity. If you spend more than a couple of hours a day at a desk, invest in ergonomic furniture.  Office furniture is more than just a necessity in the workplace. Having a comfortable workplace for employees is vital for productivity. It can lead to reduced sick days, as not only will proper chairs and desks relieve back…

What Is A Green Office?


When you think about ‘going green’ you think about using less water, using biodegradable products and recycling at home. You don’t really think of the workplace. But seeing as most people spend eight or more hours at work every day, being environmentally friendly should extend there too. There is a wide range of green office furniture on the market now, and we’re not just talking about colour. Being environmentally friendly is becoming more important than ever now, and a modern office space should reflect this.  Having a ‘green’ office means, as the name suggests, that your workplace is environmentally friendly. Most offices have green features such as low-power bulbs in their light fixtures and recycling procedures in place for their paper. But there are offices…

Office Chair Adjustment Guide

No single office chair will work well for everyone. Because of this, it is important that everyone understands how to properly adjust their chairs to best suit them. This will increase productivity and performance, and may even reduce the amount of back pain they may suffer. By using the following guidelines you can learn to utilize your office chair to the best of its potential. Seat Height The seat should be at the level that allows the feet to be flat on the floor, thighs parallel and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Check this while at your desk. This will make sure that it is not too high or low for that desk. Be sure that if you have a keyboard tray, that…

The Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Most business owners will agree that providing a safe working environment for themselves and their employees ranks fairly highly on their list of priorities. One aspect of maintaining that safe, comfortable environment that is sometimes overlooked is providing ergonomically designed office furniture. Ergonomic office chairs are of particular importance with many employees spending the majority of their day in a seated position. Sitting in a office chair for hours at a time in a poor seating position may not seem like a major safety risk now, however repeating that same activity day after day can have an accumulative effect on a persons health. If employees are experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain whilst completing their office duties, it might be time to reconsider the office…

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