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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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If you have an office in Toowoomba, you want to ensure that your office looks as professional as the services you provide.

If so, it is advisable you invest in the best office furniture Toowoomba. If you are looking for a reliable Toowoomba office furniture supplier, look no further than BFX furniture.

We are leading manufacturers of modern office desks and we supply ergonomic office chairs. Ideally, we are a one-stop shop when it comes to supply of office furniture in Toowoomba.

BFX furniture Toowoomba has active presence in various cities within Toowoomba. They include:

  • Toowoomba City
  • South Toowoomba
  • Kearneys Spring
  • Highfields
  • North Toowoomba

Therefore, visit either of our showrooms for a wide range of modern office furniture. Here is an overview of the different office furniture available at our office furniture showrooms in Toowoomba.

Office Desks in Toowoomba

The office desk is one of the most important office furniture. This is the case for different types of jobs.  To ensure a supportive working space, you need to consider the type of office desk to buy. There are different factors that determine the type of office desk to buy.

Are you planning to upgrade your office desks? BFX Furniture in Toowoomba provides a wide range of office desks to suit your requirements. We are a leading manufacturer of modern office desks designed to fit the requirements of modern workers. Therefore, you will find the following types of office desk in our showrooms.

  • Modern office workstations
  • Straight desks
  • Sit Stand Desks
  • Corner desks
  • Caddies and Hutches
  • Conference desks
  • Return Desks
  • Steel Framed office desks
  • Reception Desks

BFX office furniture consultants will help you choose the right office desk. We are ready to work with our customers, ensuring that you have the right office desk. BFX Furniture remains committed to assisting you find suitable office desks.

Office Chairs Supplier Toowoomba

The office workstation is incomplete without a comfortable office chair. In addition, for the employees who spend most of their time seated, you need a comfortable office chair. This is to provide your staff proper working posture through the day. Remember that comfort while working amounts to better productivity.

Call BFX Furniture for supply of comfortable office chairs in Toowoomba. We design and manufacture different types of office chairs suitable for different working positions. Therefore, no matter the preferred style, we will have an office chair that suits your requirements.

Are you looking for office chairs in Toowoomba area? Here are the different types of office chairs available at BFX furniture.

  • Operator chairs
  • Executive office chairs
  • Mesh office chairs
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Lounge office chairs
  • Boardroom chairs
  • Café chairs
  • Booth chairs

If you are looking for either of the above types of office chairs, BFX furniture provides suitable options. Give us a call for personalised assistance if you plan to buy office furniture in Toowoomba. We are ready to assist you, and shall ensure fast and timely supply of office furniture no matter the requirements.

Buy Office Tables in Toowoomba

Depending on your job, you may need an office table. This is especially for jobs that require collaborative efforts, or when holding frequent round table meetings. Ideally, office tables serve a wide range of uses. Therefore, it is important that you purchase office tables.

BFX Furniture provides different types of office tables. As a leading manufacturer of office tables, we guarantee our customers custom solutions when it comes to office tables.

Are you in need of office table that serves your particular needs?  Welcome to BFX furniture the leading manufacturer of office furniture in Australia.  BFX furniture is ready to serve your requirements, providing you the best options when buying office furniture.

Here are different types of office tables available at our showrooms:

  • Meeting Tables
  • Flip Tables
  • Steel Tables
  • Boardroom tables
  • Café Tables / restaurant Tables
  • Coffee Tables

At BFX Furniture, we are ready to provide a personalised experience when it comes to supply of office tables. Therefore, no matter your requirements, call us today.

Office Storage Solutions

How do you want to store your office files? Storage solution is an important consideration in every office. You definitely want to make sure you have a safe office storage solution. In addition, your employees need to organise their workstations. Did you know that an organised and neat office improves employee’s productivity? Therefore, it is advisable that employers provide different office storage solutions. For supply of office storage solutions in Toowoomba, come to BFX furniture. We provide different storage solutions including:

  • Bookcases
  • Pedestals
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Metal shelving
  • Office Wall units

Therefore, if you need to upgrade your office storage, call BFX furniture. We are readily available and shall ensure a quick and efficient response. Moreover, our experienced office furniture consultants are ready to help you through the process of acquiring brand new office storage furniture in Toowoomba.

Why choose BFX for office furniture Toowoomba?

At BFX furniture, we have invested time and efforts studying the changing requirements of modern workers. In addition, we have knowledgeable and experienced office furniture consultants in and around Toowoomba. Therefore, we ensure complete consultation with our customers enabling us to manufacture modern workspaces. To that end, we have a wide range of modern office furniture, designed to suit your requirements. We design and manufacture desks, office chairs and a wide range of office fit outs. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your office to that modernised feel, we are the right partners.

Our Office Furniture Helps Employees To Become More Productive

Old and torn office furniture makes your staffs lazy. Precisely, no one wants to sit in an office that feels boring and not accommodating. Therefore, it is imperative you invest in modern office furniture. Invest in custom office furniture designed to meet your requirements.

BFX office furniture is the leading supplier of modern office desks and office fit outs in Toowoomba. The office furniture consultant at BFX listens keenly to the requirements of every customer. This enables us to deliver office workstations that fit your modern requirements.

Specifically referring to your workstation, every piece of furniture plays an important role in boosting employee’s productivity. Moreover, your employee’s potential is influenced by the kind of office furniture. It is important that employers factor inclusion of great furniture, made to foster productivity among the employees.

BFX furniture is the leading supplier of stylish modern furniture. We will provide you a complete makeover when it comes to supply of office furniture Toowoomba.

Office furniture made to cater for employees healthy

Workplace related studies have discovered a solid connection between the quantity of time an individual spends sitting or studying and risk of developing various body conditions. The different conditions include obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. At BFX furniture, we provide ergonomic office chairs designed to improve your health and that of your employees. In that regard, if you have been searching for a trusted supplier of comfortable office furniture, trust BFX furniture for the best alternatives when it comes to office furniture.

Keep in mind that providing your employees comfortable office furniture makes them feel important and valued. In that regard, they are able to do a better job, while working longer since the office chairs are comfortable and supportive. A modern and organized office ensures a positive energy, and improves the mood of your employees.

We provide personalised assistance when it comes to purchasing of office furniture

Trust BFX for end-to-end assistance when you are buying office furniture. Our office furniture consultants are ready to help you. We have your back right from the point of selecting the right office furniture. Therefore, our Toowoomba office furniture consultants will advice you on choice of suitable office furniture. Work with you through office furniture designing, assemble the furniture, and provide rightful placement while leaving no dirt behind.

We understand that sourcing for office furniture Toowoomba can be a stressful journey. This is especially for the first timers. That is why we are keen to assist you to meet the requirements. BFX office furniture will listen to your requirements and work with you. We have helped thousands of customers create amazing space for their staffs. Moreover, we ensure that your office furniture is perfectly aligned with your organisational goals.

Are you in need of office furniture Toowoomba? Our experts are readily available for onsite consultation. We will help you through the process, while providing personalised assistance. Trust BFX furniture, for the best office furniture Toowoomba.

Factors to consider when purchasing office furniture Toowoomba

When it is finally the time to source for Toowoomba office furniture, you may be worried where to start. To ensure you purchase the right office furniture, here are some important points to have in mind.

  • What is your budget?

When buying office furniture, chances are that you will have a set budget. BFX furniture provides affordable office furniture Toowoomba. We design office furniture made to suit your requirements. Trust us today a wide range of best office furniture Toowoomba. Remember that the comfort of your employees is what matters most.

  • The office layout

It is common sense; you need to buy office furniture that suits your office layout. Consider whether the chosen office furniture is proportionate to the size of your office. Remember that bulky office furniture consumes a huge chunk of your office. Therefore, first consider the office furniture layout to ensure you have office furniture that leaves enough room for your team.

  • Does the office furniture provide aesthetic value and promote your brand identity

If you provide professional services, the office furniture needs to create an appealing ambience. When your customers enter the office, your visitor desk and chair should help foster a positive feeling. BFX office furniture consultants will help you to choose appropriate office furniture Toowoomba.

  • Flexibility and Functionality

Does your office desk provide a suitable storage space? Can the employees enjoy multiple functionalities? Come to BFX Furniture for flexible and functional office furniture Toowoomba. We provide customised office furniture that will meet your requirements.

To order your office furniture, walk in to one of our office furniture Toowoomba showrooms. We provide different custom-made office fit outs and guarantee you satisfaction. We are available online, and shall provide onsite consultation ensuring you have the right office furniture. Call us today to place an order.


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